Some of our recently added wedding acts based in Edinburgh, the home of Freak Music

First Class
First Class

An excellent of array of Edinburgh based wedding and function acts have recently signed up to Freak Music, here’s a wee selection of them.

First Class (above) are a superb all round rock and pop act with a glorious repertoire of classics from acts as varied as Ray Charles, Ed SHeeran, Abba and the Jacksons and can also perform a short called Ceilidh set if required. They’re based in Edinburgh and happy to travel for events. Previous clients have been very impressed with the way the band connects with the audience and communication is central to the performance. They learn songs to a high standard and are able to also pull songs out of the bag when requested during the course of the event. They have a professional attitude and will always ensure that they understand your exact requirements. 

Edinburgh based Acoustic duo Double Trouble (right) are available for gigs and events. They are prepared to travel and both members of the duo have experience playing in gigs and festivals all over the UK and in Europe. Double Trouble were formed in the spring of 2018 by two experienced self employed musicians; Jools who sings lead vocals and is acoustic lead guitarist is accompanied by Donal who is acoustic rhythm and bass guitarist as well as backing vocals.

Tsvetelina (below) is an Edinburgh based freelance harpist. She has been a resident harpist at The Ritz Carlton Dubai, Gloria Hotels and Resorts in

Tsvetelina Likova
Tsvetelina Likova

Antalya, Turkey, and “Ophthalmos” Eye Laser Centre, Cyprus. Her repertoire includes Classical, Film, Popular, World music and Jazz. She has performed on the international stage from United Arab Emirates, through Europe to the United Kingdom, where she is currently based. Her concert experience include solo, chamber and orchestra performances with professional, semi-professional, youth and amateur orchestras around UK, Europe and UAE at venues such as the Royal Albert Hall, Symphony Hall, Town Hall, National Palace of Culture Sofia, Bulgaria Hall, Thessaloniki Concert Hall and many more.

Singers Secreto (right) use only the best singers in the UK for their team. In disguise an integrated into your event, if they weren’t singers, they’d be great spies! Hidden as guests or hotel workers they blend into the crowd to make what comes next a surprise. The entertainment comprises a 30 minute show, and takes several different scenarios. How did Singers Secreto come about? In the Summer of 2012 a group of professional singers were working the wedding circuit but decided that things needed a shake up. While it is enjoyable to see a group of professionals perform, who doesn’t like the element of surprise?!

Rory Speirs (below) is a singer, guitarist and songwriter based in Edinburgh. He has extensive experience, having played concerts all over the country and further afield in Europe for over the past decade. As well as a vast portfolio of original songs, Rory can play a wide range of popular covers from artists stretching back to the 50s through to present day. He is a versatile musician who can span an array of different genres during a set, and can adapt it well to accommodate potential requests from the crowd when possible. Rory combines excellent musicianship with a wide knowledge of songs and good interaction with the audience to ensure a great show every time.

Rory Speirs
Rory Speirs




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An excellent of array of Edinburgh based wedding and function acts have recently signed up to Freak Music, here’s a wee selection of them....
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