Micro Wedding Entertainment Ideas

We’re taking a look at what’s trending in Micro Wedding Entertainment for 2021 and throwing some ideas your way…
Mirco Wedding Entertainment

Entertainment for a small-scale Covid-secure wedding…

It’s no surprise that Mirco Weddings have been one of the growing search trends in Google this year with the restrictions on guest numbers across the UK throughout 2020 and it’s a safe bet to assume that some form of limitation on numbers could well be here for some time yet so it looks like 2021 might be the year of the Micro Wedding.  But does a small wedding need to be a bore?  Not at all !!!

We’re taking a look at what’s trending for Micro Wedding Entertainment for 2021 and throwing some ideas your way…  

Hold up – what exactly is a Micro Wedding anyway?

Since the emergence of Coronavirus and the restrictions that came into effect to limit wedding celebrations across the UK, resourceful couples have been finding imaginative ways to hold onto the magic of their big day by planning Micro Weddings with limited guest numbers with protective measures in place to keep everyone as safe as possible… and low the Mirco Wedding has emerged as the go-to term of choice.

But where can you hold a Mirco Wedding?

Wedding venues up and down the country have been working hard to find ways for wedding celebrations to go ahead in some form as early as possible in 2021. A great example of somewhere pulling out all the stops to support couples planning their wedding day is The National Trust for Scotland who recently announced their plans to offer Micro Weddings in Scotland which cover up to 20 guests and include toasts and a feast and they’ve even thrown in NTS membership for a year – https://www.nts.org.uk/stories/micro-wedding-package

Our very own Freak Music team have also been helping to find entertainment for an increasing number of Micro Weddings across the UK that are being held in Marquees and open-air locations in woodland or outdoor courtyards such as Comrie Croft in Perthshire – http://m.comriecroft.com/groups/weddings.html

So what about Micro Wedding Entertainment Ideas?

Just because you’re keeping the guest numbers down doesn’t mean you don’t want it to be a magical day to remember and there are a whole host of ways you can still use entertainers, musicians and performers to help with that.

String Quartets

The perfect thing for a romantic affair – a String Quartet can add a sophisticated air to your big day or a dusky drinks reception. Despite their formal setting, you’ll find most Quartets are well versed in playing Garden Parties and other intimate events. These guys can often be booked for smaller classical trios, duos and solo performances too.

Hire String Quartetshttps://www.freakmusic.co.uk/list/hire_string_quartets

Harpists & Cellists

Another group of musicians we’ve seen to be in high demand for the growing trend of Micro Weddings in 2021 are Classical Harpists and Cellists. Always elegant, these enchanting strings are a superb companion to any wedding, big or small. We’re already seeing interest for 2022 so we’d recommend getting you things booked sooner rather than later!

Hire Harpistshttps://www.freakmusic.co.uk/list/hire_harpists
Hire Cellistshttps://www.freakmusic.co.uk/tag/cello

Acoustic Acts & Solo/Duo Performers

An often-overlooked set of performs when it comes to Wedding Entertainment, Solo Acts and Acoustic Performers, are much loved across the residency gig scene and these guys really know their stuff.  With such a wealth to choose from it can be a little daunting to trawl through the profiles but drop us a line and our team of Freaks will be happy to recommend acts based on what you’re looking for – get in touch.

Hire Acoustic Performers – https://www.freakmusic.co.uk/tag/acoustic
Hire Solo Acts & Entertainers – https://www.freakmusic.co.uk/tag/solo
Hire Duo Acts – https://www.freakmusic.co.uk/tag/duo

Looking for that extra bit of magic…

Fire Dancers

Another socially distant visual spectacle are the ever-entertaining Fire Performers who can really lend a bit of spellbinding magic to your night in a way only they can…

Hire Pyro Celticahttps://www.freakmusic.co.uk/bands/pyroceltica
Hire The Delightershttps://www.freakmusic.co.uk/bands/delighters

The Delighters – Bringing their trademark sparkle to the night

Hire Celtic Drummers

It’s surprising just how popular acts like the much loved drumming troupe Clanadonia have become – one their YouTube videos has almost 5.5 million views – and yet these guys still love planing weddings and small-scale events (as well as the big ones). They certainly know how to bring that bit of unexpected excitement to any field!

Hire Clanadoniahttps://www.freakmusic.co.uk/bands/clanadonia
Hire Clann an Drummahttps://www.freakmusic.co.uk/bands/clann_an_drumma

Clanadonia’s Celtic Drums

Thinking outside the box – Alternative Cover Bands

Another great option is an alternative covers act like a good old Gypsy Jazz Cover Band, most of whom are old hands on the alternative festival scene and not only know how to play to audiences of all shapes and sizes, but know how to play from all kinds of venues and outdoor spaces. Check out the Gypsies of Bohemia and Viper Swing – if their quirky take on modern hits gets your toe tapping, get in touch to get a few more suggestions for alternative covers bands from the Freak Team.

Hire Gypsies of Bohemiahttps://www.freakmusic.co.uk/bands/gypsies_of_bohemia
Hire Viper Swinghttps://www.freakmusic.co.uk/bands/viper_swing

Good old traditional Scottish Pipers

And let’s not forget the much loved Traditional Scottish Piper for your Mirco Wedding – these guys can definitely make themselves heard from a distance!

Hire Scottish Pipershttps://www.freakmusic.co.uk/list/hire_scottish_piper

Looking for more inspiration?

Simply get in touch with us here at Freak Music to know what you’re looking for and let our team help find ideas for your 2021 Micro Wedding Entertainment… but don’t wait too long – despite being all about the Micro, it’s going to be a bumper year for weddings – I can feel it in my bones…

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