Some Essential Tips for Planning Your Wedding Music

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Can a wedding band  make or break your wedding day? We probably wouldn’t go that far, but what is indisputable is that it can set the mood for your party, enhance the wedding theme – if you have one – and give people a night to remember. When it comes to planning your wedding music, you want to get it right. Here are seven non-scientific yet essential tips that will help you plan your wedding music.

#1: Match your wedding theme with the music

Try to ensure the music fits your wedding theme and your wedding venue whether you’re opting for a wedding band or recorded music. The ideal music will enhance the theme and to fit into the environment. For example, an elegant wedding in a luxury hotel might benefit from a string quartet or classical jazz music, and you probably wouldn’t hold a rave at a country estate. But never say never.

#2: Choose a professional

Very important this one. Your uncle Dave might know how to create a funky YouTube or Spotify playlist but do you really want that for your special day? There is a reason professionals are called professionals and when it comes to your wedding music, hiring an expert is always a good idea. Your wedding band doesn’t have to cost a fortune and there are many affordable ways to enjoy a professional service. So don’t try cutting corners but if you find a professional wedding band or DJ you’ll be in much safer hands.


#3: Check them out first.

When you start picking between different wedding bands and DJs, it’s essential to listen to them play. Many of them often have gigs you might be able to attend prior to your wedding, and not just other weddings. Do this – especially for live music acts – and you get a better sense of the sound and the kind of stage presence the performers have. Even if you can’t make it to a live event, these days most bands will have their own YouTube channel or at least will have videos posted on a personal account, so be sure to take a look.

Never pick a band or DJ blindly!

#4: Think about your preferences

Consider your music preferences and talk about those with your chosen band or DJ. Check prior to booking if the band is open to ideas and wishes regarding the checklist or not. Some bands will be more flexible while others will have a specific set list. There’s no right or wrong answer from the band’s perspective, so just go with what you prefer. This ensures you get to hear your favourite songs. If you want a wedding band to perform a song for the first dance, check if they already know the song and are happy to do it or can learn it prior to the wedding.

#5: Consider your music pet peeves

But you shouldn’t just think about the songs and styles you want to hear. It’s important to also consider any musical pet peeves. Perhaps you have a song you really don’t want to hear at a wedding.

Mention these to your chosen wedding band or DJ to be on the safe side. The last thing you probably want to hear is your new spouse and their ex’s “song”!

#6: Schedule your music well

When hiring a performer, think carefully when you want them to perform. Do you want them just for the party, as is traditionally the case, or do you want them playing as guests arrive, during a fireworks display, or at different times throughout the night?

You might also want to use recorded music at other times during the whole day itself, so consider your schedule carefully. Speak to your band or DJ about what they can do, too. Most will be used to simply turning up and playing a set for a few hours and then being done, but they will usually be adaptable if you want something else.

#7: Ensure you have a Plan B

Never book a wedding band or DJ that doesn’t have proper cancellation and event insurance, and policies that cover these. This ensures you don’t miss out financially if a band doesn’t turn up, and it might even be worth telling uncle Dave to have his playlist ready, just in case! Just don’t build his hopes up too much!

Planning a wedding takes time and expertise. That’s why hiring a wedding planner can be a good way of ensuring you consider all the little details. When it comes to music, the above tips will definitely help you on your way.

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