How to Get Your Wedding Photographer and Wedding Band Work Together

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When it comes to creating the perfect wedding, you need many things to come together. This means different wedding suppliers bringing their A-game and ensuring everything from the photography to the flowers are perfect. Co-operation between wedding suppliers is important but not often talked about as part of planning a wedding, unless you’re using a wedding planner who will often work and collaborate within their own network.

One of the areas in which co-operation is key is ensuring your wedding photographerworks well with your wedding entertainment. You want many photos of the big day and the party, from photos of the first dance to plenty of your guests dancing the night away.

How can you ensure your wedding photographer and wedding band work together well?

Talk about your wishes with both suppliers

Talk openly about what you want from your photographer and chosen wedding entertainer. With the photographer, talk about things like the number of photos you’d want, the specific type of photos you want and so on. Depending on your photographer you may already know this if you have asked them for a specific package or collection.

On top of this, think specifically how much you want the photographer to take photos of the dancing and the party in general.

With the wedding band, go over the set-list of songs, whether you want the band or DJ to act as an MC or not, and how long you want them to play. You should also discuss any songs you don’t want to be played on your big day! Let the band know you want your wedding photographer to photograph the dancing so they can prepare for it. Depending on whether you want your band in the photos or not they may be able to set up in a certain way or you can position the décor so it’s easy for your photographer to take the shots you want.

When both your photographer and your band know what you want from them, they can work in a way that you like and make co-operating easier! The photographer will know if you want him or her to take lots of photos of the dancing and the band, and the band will be aware that the photographer will be taking photos.

Let them in on the wedding schedule

Make sure you inform both wedding suppliers of your wedding schedule. You should have a clear timeline for the big day – to know exactly what time the first dance happens and when you’ll be cutting the cake. Not in an OCD Monica from Friendstype of way, but you should know what will happen and when. This ensures your wedding photographer and band can prepare accordingly and be at the right spot at the right time.

Introduce them

Ideally, if you can, then introduce your wedding photographer to the wedding band before the wedding. If this isn’t possible then on the day itself is fine given the conversations you will have already had. They can then avoid any potential issues they might have in terms of where the photographer is able to be without interrupting the band’s performance or where there might be space around the stage area for them – wedding shots from the perspective of the band are always spectacular, after all!

Your wedding photographer will also get a chance to ask if the band wants to be on the photos or if they have any objections to it. Usually the bands will be cool with it, and we’ve even had bands at weddings end up getting their own portfolio shots from the wedding photographer!

Enhancing your photos and ensuring your wedding music is a success

Having your wedding suppliers co-operating is important. It helps to ensure the day goes smoothly and enhances your experience. It also makes their job easier as they will work together rather than feel like they’re individual parts of a huge operation, which some weddings can feel like!

Your wedding photos are going to look stunning once you get the band involved – having photos of the dancing shows just how much fun you and your wedding guests had!

When it comes to creating the perfect wedding, you need many things to come together. This means different wedding suppliers bringing their A-game and ensuring...
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