Enhance Your Experience of a Freak Music Wedding Band

1st dance
1st dance

If you’ve booked your wedding band through Freak Music, that’s one great decision you’ve already made that will help make your big day the perfect one. If you’re still looking for a wedding band, or are looking wider at entertainment options, then be sure to check out all the incredible artists we can connect you with.

One of the biggest benefits of using Freak Music is that you can find out all you want to about a band before booking them. Say you’ve booked your wedding band and are looking forward to your wedding party. What can you do to ensure you enhance your experience of a Freak Music wedding band?

Make Sure the Dancefloor is Big Enough

While this isn’t a concern if you’re getting married at an indoor venue and have a large room or hall, if you’re one of the many couples that are following the growing clamour for outdoor weddings and parties held in marquees, it is definitely something to think about.

Why wouldn’t the dancefloor be big enough? The answer is that many wedding marquee specialists, as well as other events companies that you may use, offer dancefloors based on their size. Most common is that you can hire a dancefloor in increments of two feet x two feet. Make sure you visualize the space as well as how it will fit into your marquee if you’ve opted for the type of band that will have everyone up on their feet and dancing.

Stick to Your Theme

Does the band you’re hiring from Freak Music fit your wedding theme? It might seem a small touch, but details go a long way to enhancing your wedding day. Hire a band that fits the theme of your wedding, whether you have a theme for the full day or are simply serving a particular type of food. We have some amazing bands in our World Music category who will fit different cultural themes or foods to perfection.

Look through our other genres until you find the perfect band for the perfect music experience.

Add Extra Entertainment

Having a wedding band is a brilliant feature of any wedding, but why stop there when it comes to the entertainment? You have a whole host of options available for extra entertainment options, including table magicians and dancers. Dancers, in particular, are brilliant if you can find a group or even a pair who dance in the style of the music you’ve chosen. We’ve even seen weddings where dancers have performed and then given lessons to wedding guests. Learning some new moves – an unexpected bonus for attending your wedding!

If a band is enough for you then fireworks could be another option. A professional wedding fireworks display doesn’t have to set you back more than a few hundred pounds. If you have an open marquee you could even arrange the fireworks to take place while your wedding band plays yours and your partner’s song. A brilliant touch that will take your Freak Music wedding band experience a step further.

Get in touch with Freak Music today to enquire about our wedding bands and to help make your wedding day even better.

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