8 Exciting Summer Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Jody Greig
Jody Greig

Your wedding entertainment plays a crucial role in ensuring your guests have a good time. Your entertainment can range from the traditional to the unusual. Here are a few sizzling ideas for summer wedding entertainment that will work brilliantly alongside your Freak Musicbooked wedding band, singer, or DJ.

Giant Bubbles

We all loved blowing bubbles as children. There’s no reason to not do it after we’ve grown up, either. Especially if instead of your average bubbles you can make giant bubbles! Having giant bubble machinesavailable for guests to play with is going to result in laughter if nothing else. It’ll also help your wedding photographer to take unusual and wonderful photos!


You could surprise your guests by having a hypnotist at your summer wedding. This is an unusual wedding entertainment option, but is perfect for summer and it’ll get everyone involved. Your hypnotist can create a short show and maybe even predict who at the party will be the next to get married!

Morris Dancing

You could also combine your wedding music with a dance show. You could have Morris dancers perform on the lawn and get the guests involved as well. A dance lesson in Morris dancing is unusual and will be a lot of fun. You have plenty of other traditional dances that could work well too, from line dancing to Ceilidh, depending on what your music choice will be.

Tug of War

Lawn games are a becoming an increasingly popular summer wedding entertainment option, and it doesn’t get better than a tug of war. Many events companies now provide “It’s a Knockout!” style entertainment and bring everything along for you to make the most of the day. If you want to keep it simple and do it yourself, you just need a bit of rope and a fun way to divide the team – we’ve seen bride’s family vs. groom’s family but it’s up to you if you want to get tribal! A tug of war is sure to produce many whacky moments, and you can organise it along with other games of your choice. Sack racing is a fun addition to wedding lawn games, too. Basically, just think “School Sports Day” and go from there.

A Magic Show

Magicians are a fantastic choice for a summer wedding. Wedding magician (above) can perform a single show or walk amongst the tables during the dinner service, while the best ones will involve other elements of entertainment, such as comedy, into their performance. If you have a wedding band booked or other entertainment lined up, then you might even be able to get your magician to work in conjunction with them!

Bouncy Castle

There is nothing more exhilarating than a gigantic bouncy castle with a view. If your wedding venue has a big lawn, then set up a bouncy castle on it and have a jump around. This is a brilliant idea, even if you’re having an adults only wedding!

Beer Pong

Speaking of adults only weddings, and if during your summer wedding you want to re-live your student days, then play beer pong after the main party! It’s a classic that’s guaranteed to provide a lot of laughs and take you all back to your university days.

Fireworks Display

A summer wedding should end with a bang and fireworks will do just that. You can create a wonderful display right at the end of the reception – perhaps even escape with your bride or groom as the fireworks go off. It’s guaranteed to be memorable and magical! With these summer wedding entertainment ideas to complement your wedding band, singer, or DJ, you are sure to create a day that’ll create loads of fun and exciting memories for you and your guests. Take your pick, have a wonderful day, and get in touch to show us what you got up to!

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