This week’s pick of Wedding Bands in Scotland


The Banjo Lounge

It’s been a pretty hectic first five months of the year at Freak, this is traditionally the time of year people are either panicking about the up and coming wedding or planning for next year’s bash. We’ve continued to provide a list of  the best wedding bands in Scotland  as you’d imagine and are continuing to recruit further afield as bands are coming to us. Our current crop of popular wedding acts are and eclectic bunch to say the least ranging from a high energy band Glasgow wedding band called the One White Band to a banjo fronted ensemble the Banjo Lounge (pictured above) and all points in between. The One White guys are available as a 4 or 5 piece as they go out with an optional female singer which not only boosts the sound but adds a ton more possible songs to their repertoire. The Banjo Lounge pride themselves on their habit of doing well know songs but putting their own take on them, current examples in the set are Seven Nation Army and the theme from Shaft.

Other top bookers at present are the west coast based 3 Card Trick, another loud and young bunch who despite being a mere three piece (hence the name) sound like a much bigger outfit  and have a stocking repertoire of over 200 songs and counting.

We’re alway on the look out for top wedding bands, not just in Scotland too, so if you are in one or have seen one recently that you think may be worth our pursuing, please get in touch.

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