Recent additions to the roster of UK Tribute acts for hire.

Epic 80s
Epic 80s

A small trend we’ve noticed in the last few years is tribute acts being hired as wedding entertainment. Not always as the main wedding band as such but sometimes a client will want, say an Elvis to come and do a short set as a surprise for their parents, something like that. Here’s a totally non-scientific selection of some recent additions to the Freak Music roster.

Epic 80s (above) are a high energy tribute act to that much maligned decade the 1980s. Whether you prefer to get into the groove with Madonna, dance on the ceiling with Lionel or party like it’s 1999 with Prince, Epic 80s guarantees to entertain.  This band delivers classic 80s hits that are as close to the original records as possible, with an electronic drum kit, authentic keyboard sounds, killer guitar solos and harmonies that are second to none.

Diamond Dolly
Diamond Dolly

Diamond Dolly (left) is a fabulously authentic show performed by the gorgeous Lallie – capturing Dolly in her prime, every nuance in her voice and rhinestone on her costumes is captured with painstaking attention to detail. This Dolly Parton Tribute Act features diamantes galore, huge wigs, sparkly shoes and all your favourite Dolly Parton songs – either have all the best platinum selling hits in the 1 hour show or combine 45 minutes of Dolly with 45 minutes of general country and western hits.

Best of Buble
Best of Bublé

The Best Of Bublé (right) show has been entertaining audiences and celebrities for over 10 years, with 3 Solo Albums released to date from Tom Cary himself and a massive repertoire dating back to the earliest songs, through to the most recent Michael Bublé hits, the Best of Bublé Show will guarantee to add the wow factor to any occasion or venue. Tom takes his repertoire from all of Michael Bublé’s albums and he was awarded winner of The Voice of South Bucks 2015.

To create a truly believable and memorable tribute act, both vocal and instrumental sounds must be replicated to the finest detail. It is this attention to detail, that have made The Beach Boys Band (below) the popular attraction they are today. From the early songs of surf and sports cars to the more sophisticated sounds of recording projects like Pet Sounds, the Beach Boys’ music was the oundtrack to a whole generation of young people, not just in the United States but worldwide.

The Beach Boys Band
The Beach Boys Band


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A small trend we’ve noticed in the last few years is tribute acts being hired as wedding entertainment. Not always as the main wedding...
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