Key Things to Consider When Adding Fireworks to Your Event


As an event organiser, you know entertainment is a key to success. Your event needs entertainment outwith the music that’s fun, magical, and unique. Fireworks combine these elements and adding them to any event can be a wonderful idea, from weddings to birthday parties. Fireworks look majestic, but you have to remember they are explosives. This means that considering using them in your event requires careful planning. It helps you do all you can to ensure event attendees are safe and that the actual display is as amazing as it can be.

Here are the main things you must include in your event management plan when considering a firework display.

Check Fireworks are Allowed at the Event Venue (rather important this one!)

First priority: Check with the event venue for their firework policies. If fireworks are a must-have for your event, this is the question to ask before booking the venue. We’ve heard too many stories of people who’ve bought fireworks only to find they were unable to use them, so ensure you take care of this before all else.

The main questions you want the venue to answer are:

Are fireworks allowed? If so, are there restrictions on:

  • Who sets off the fireworks?
  • The types of fireworks allowed?
  • The time of the display?
  • Does it add extra to the venue fee?

This allows you to choose the right venue for your event and to move on with your firework display plans.

Decide Between a Specialist and a DIY Show

Fireworks come in different categories, based on the firepower in use. Category 4 fireworks are only available for professional firework groups and require a specific licence to use them. Category 1, 2 and 3 fireworks are available for the general public to buy and fire. You can create a DIY show using fireworks, but if you want to add some extra wow-factor to your event, using a fireworks specialist might be a good idea. This allows you to use experience and expertise to plan and run the display. A specialist doesn’t just add magic to the display but it makes the whole display smoother and safer.

Talk to the Local Authorities

Local authorities will sometimes need to be informed about the use of fireworks, especially if the display takes place on council property or land. Different councils might have different procedures so it’s important to be clear on these as early as possible.

Draft the Appropriate Risk Assessments and Plans

You will need to draft a health and safety risk assessmentas part of having a fireworks display at your event. This must be a detailed document considering all the possible hazards to health, as well as a plan to deal with emergencies.

You should also create a site plan that outlines the firing area, considers where the fallout of the fireworks takes place and how the spectators will view the show. If you’re using a professional display company, these plans will be drafted by them.

Sort Out Insurance

A big part of event planning is to ensure you have the right kind of insurance policies to protect you, the event planner, but also the guests. Insurance is required when a big display is being planned, and it’s likely the event venue will require it before allowing you to use fireworks anyway, particularly if they don’t usually host firework displays and thus won’t have specific cover themselves. Again, you’re hiring a professional fireworks display company, they will take care of the paperwork for you and will have the insurance sorted. If you’re creating a DIY display, you will have to talk with your event insurance provider and tell them that a firework display is included in the event itinerary.

Have a Plan For Abject Weather Conditions

Like with any event that has an outdoor element, a firework display will have to consider the weather. The weather can be a problem, as wind and heavy rain might impact the safety of firing fireworks. You’ll have to consider what happens if you can’t include the fireworks for your event entertainment and the show needs to be cancelled.

Furthermore, a little rain might not stop the firing but it can make viewing the show slightly less enjoyable. Consider if it’s possible to view the fireworks indoors or have some kind of see-through tent to allow the guests to enjoy the show even if it drizzles.

Inform the Guests on the Big Day

It’s important to inform the event goers about the display prior to it taking place. It might seem like a great idea to surprise everyone with a big show but there might be people in the audience who would find the sudden loud noises and bursts of colour troublesome. People with sensory issues and older people might require notice in order to enjoy the show. Always make an announcement and allow the guests to either stay and view the show or to go elsewhere in case firework displays are troubling to them.

Having a fireworks display at any event is a good way to add a bit of sparkle to the day. A successful display will require careful planning but if you follow the above tips, you’ll create an amazing display to complement your event.

Guest post provided by Fireworks Crazy

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