Freak’s Clanadonia help launch BBC Scotland’s Children in need.

Cartoon Clan with Brad echoing Pudsey bear’s bandage in the foot department


On Friday the 18th of November, Clanadonia will be kicking off, or perhaps more appropriately drumming off BBC Scotlands Children in need. It begins at 5pm on BBC1 and the highlights are repeated on the Saturday. We mention this as we’re not overly sure they’ll be on live. As I suspect most of you know, the Children in need appeal has been going on a long time, since 1980 in fact, and has raised over half a billion pounds. CIN stalwart the great Sir Terence of Wogan has been involved since the start and although no longer hosts for the 7 hours or so, he always promotes the event from within his other shows. Another staple of Children in need is the ‘comedy record’ and has, on investigation thrown up a few oddities. For example, Clannad were given the honour twice, however chose to record the same song and even stranger was the 1986 effort which featured Suzi Quatro and, er Bronski Beat. The mind doth boggle.


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