Vintage and Retro wedding band for hire in the UK through Freak Music.

Mister Kanish
Mister Kanish
The Bellinis
The Bellinis

One area, among others, we at Freak pride ourselves on is our varied and ever expanding roster of Vintage and Retro wedding bands for hire in the UK.  This is becoming an increasingly popular option for weddings and some wedding planners are going down this route exclusively for clients. Below are some of our top picks:

Working the ‘not so standard’ tunes of old in with the Great American Songbook, the Ali Afflecks and Vieux Carré‘s repertoire is energetic and lively – with some sassy and seductive numbers thrown into the mix just for fun. With comparisons to Peggy Lee and the vocal styling of of an young ‘optimistic’ Billie Holliday…vocalist Ali Affleck loves to share the stage and revels in the artistry of her band. Adding a bona fide seal of approval to the quality of performance- the grandson of Ralph Rainger praised Vieux Carré by stating that his grandfather, “ would have greatly enjoyed the wonderfully effortless way you sing,” and that their ‘Le Debut’ album performance of ‘Easy Living …“struck me as so ‘right.’ “

Mister Kanish (above) are Andy, Ben, Chris, Ollie and Tim. They offer both a Mumford & Sons-esque / gypsy jazz style and a rocking evening set designed for dancing. They are perfect to cover a whole days entertainment with two different unique styles! They provide the kind of entertainment that leaves everyone from young kids to senior citizens with huge grins on their faces, feverishly demanding more!!! As 5 friends with so many shared experiences the band have crazy amounts of fun playing together, and their audiences can’t help but feel part of the action.

The Bellinis were formed late one night in a dingy basement bar in Soho. 3 guys were on stage playing some swinging jazz when the doors burst open and 2 brunettes bounced in all lipstick and laughter. The bar tender had their usual order ready at the bar: “2 Bellinis for the girls” was the cry. After a little coaxing the girls took to the stage and with the hottest band in town that night, the crowd went wild. That night, The Bellinis were born. The Bellinis take modern day hits and change them into old fashioned swing numbers. With their slick image and impressive sound they add a touch of glamour to any event. The Bellinis are comprised of some of the best jazz musicians in London, who have performed at many prestigious venues around the world including the Gherkin and Harrods in London and the Poggenpohl in Milan.

The Gypsies of Bohemia perform complete catalogue of unique and original arrangements of well known pop tunes in a gypsy jazz style! Gypsy jazz (also known as gypsy swing or hot club jazz) is the jazz style pioneered by Django Reinhardt in the 1930s. The music combines the red hot swing of early american jazz, the passion and fire of flamenco, and the suave sophistication of Café Paris lounge music into an irresistible musical feast. Gypsy jazz is the ultimate in continental cool! Whether its vintage chic or festival fun, Gypsies of Bohemia can provide the perfect backdrop to your event. Their performances can conjure the mellow atmosphere of a parisian cafe or capture the hedonistic mood of a foot-stomping camp fire jam session, delivered with trademark virtuosity by these incredible musicians. The group provide a package that captures the chic sophistication of 1930’s gypsy jazz whilst keeping one foot firmly planted in the present. Watch as your party guests tap their feet to clever re-workings of Britney Spears, Beyonce, Maroon 5, Radiohead and more.



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