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  • 5/6 piece Afro Caribbean band
  • All original music
  • Hilife, Township, Calypso, Soca, Reggae etc


Although based in Bristol, Baraka have performed extensively around the UK, with shows as diverse as Glastonbury Festival to the RHS Flower shows at Hampton Court, as well as regular gigs around the south and west. They have also played in Europe and Ireland.

Standard Set Times

  • 1½ Hours - which can be one or two sets

About this Act

Baraka is a unique combination of musicians from Ghana, Senegal, Germany, Dominica and Northern and Southern Ireland. Each musician contributes his individual sound and style - Reggae featuring a Kora and Djembe, Township with a Calypso bassline, Hilife with Blues Harmonica, Soca with Balafon and Flute. Baraka features musical collaborations that you are unlikely to hear with any other band. This is not just one person's music translated by backing musicians, as so many "world" music bands seem to be. Baraka is edgy, experimental and innovative without losing sight of the fact that entertainment is the key. The result is a heady mix of global beats, intricate rhythms and soaring melodies.

Baraka is fronted by Ben Baddoo, Master Drummer and Choreographer from Ghana, on Percussion and Balafon, delivering a potent combination of driving rhythms and subtle vocals. Knud Stuwe from Germany adds his unique brand of funky guitar, and Royston Gage from the Commonwealth of Dominica brings in the Caribbean influence on bass. Two Irishmen complete the line up, Mark Bradley on drums delivers the rhythmic heartbeat, and Brendan Whitmore adds the finishing touches with some explosive Saxophone, Flute and Harmonica. Baraka are regularly augmented by special guest Modou Cissoko from Senegal who features on Kora and Djembe.

Set List

All original music.


  • 6 piece band featuring Balafon, Kora, Sax/flute/harmonica. guitar, bass, drums and assorted percussion.


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