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Fiesta Resistance



  • 5 or 7 piece salsa band
  • Lively Cuban party vibe
  • Latin nights
  • Salsa dances


Fiesta Resistànce are based in Cardiff and play across South Wales, Bristol & South West, Border Counties, Mid Wales and the Midlands.

Standard Set Times

  • One set of 90 minutes

About this Act

Fiesta Resistànce are a lively 7-piece salsa band based in Cardiff playing the hottest picks of Cuban party music. Salsa and son styles are ignited with dynamic original arrangements featuring blazing trumpets, vocals, crackling percussion, pulsating piano, bass and clavé. They have played Latin nights and functions across South Wales and the West, and guarantee to bring your fiesta to life!

Their set contains unique arrangements of well-known Latin classics (such as 'El Cuarto De Tula', 'Son De La Loma', 'Chan Chan'), some hits from Cuba's top bands (such as Los Van Van's 'Sera Que Se Acabo', Celia Cruz 'La Guarapachanga'), some salsa-flavoured covers ('Valerie', 'Life On Mars') as well as some original numbers by Fiesta Resistànce. It is a set that bounces between salsa, son, merengue and cha-cha-cha, making for unforgettable moments and pure salsa excitement on the dancefloor.

Set List

Celia Cruz/Willie Colon - Usted Abuso
David Bowie/Fiesta Resistànce - Life On Mars
Los Van Van - Despues de Todo
Compay Segundo - Maria En La Playa
Los Adolescentes - Porque Dios Te Hizo Tan Bella
Farres - Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps
Gloria Estefan - Mi Tierra
Buena Vista Social Club - El Cuarto De Tula
Rey Ruiz - La Luna Negra
Los Van Van - Sera Que Se Acabo
Ricardo Lemvo - Mambo Yoyo
Winehouse/Fiesta Resistànce - Valerie
Buena Vista Social Club - Chan Chan
Miguelito Cuni - La Guarapachanga
Trio Matomoros - Son De La Loma
Fiesta Resistànce - El Pulpo
Trad. - All Of Me
Trad. - Cumpleaños Feliz
Trad. - El Bodeguero
Trad. - Mandinga


  • 7-piece band consisting of two percussionists/backing vocalists, piano, bass, lead vocalist and two trumpets.
  • 5-piece, with one percussionist and one trumpet; it's a smaller groove but they never miss a beat...


  1. Fiesta Resistance

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