Celtica - Pipes Rock : photo : Celtica -Pipes Rock Celtica - Pipes Rock : photo : Celtica -Pipes Rock in Italy Celtica - Pipes Rock : photo : Celtica -Pipes Rock in concert Celtica - Pipes Rock : photo : Celtica -Pipes Rock in Switzerland

Celtica - Pipes Rock


  • 5 or 6 piece Celtic rock band
  • high energy performance featuring bagpipes
  • repertoire includes rock classics and celtic favourites
  • optional fire performance
  • projected visuals available to accompany live show

Price Range

Prices range from £2000 to £5500


An international band formed in 2009, Celtica - Pipes Rock includes members from Scotland, America and Austria. Featuring two bagpipers, electric guitar, bass, drums and accompanying visuals-their unique blend of fiery rock brings alive the Celtic spirit wherever they perform!

The band spent the winter of 2009/10 recording their first album and filming videos on two continents; in Arizona (Phoenix, Grand Canyon, Monument Valley), California (L.A.) and Austria (Vienna). The album, "Rising", was released in May 2010. The band toured Europe for the next six months to great audience acclaim, with 40 live performances in Italy, Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Croatia.

The band offers a wide repertoire of favourites from rock classics to jigs and reels, ancient ballads to rebellious drinking songs. Whether playing for a small private event or an audience of thousands, their high-energy performance never fails to have people of all ages clapping hands, stomping feet, and singing along!

Celtica -Pipes Rock performs as a 5 or 6 person band. The 6th band member offers a spectacular choreographed fire performance (in suitable locations) and the addition of keyboard/percussion for selected sets.

Optional projected visuals can accompany the live performance.

Where are they based?

Celtica - Pipes Rock is an international band with members from Scotland, America and Austria. The band is available to perform in any location, worldwide.

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5 piece band is 2 bagpipers, electric guitar, bass, drums
optional 6th band member: keyboard, percussion, fire dance performance

Standard Set Time

  • can be customized to suit any event, from 15 minute sets to full 90 minute concert

Booking Options

  • 5 or 6 piece band
  • fire performance
  • background visuals

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