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The Explosive Light Orchestra



  • The Ultimate Tribute band to Jeff Lynne's ELO
  • Repertoire is taken from all the band's career
  • Perform as a 4 piece as standard and can expand up to an 8 piece for the full band sound
  • Authentic look and sound


Explosive Light Orchestra are based around South Wales. The band are made up of top Welsh, English and international musicians.

Standard Set Times

  • 2 x One Hour
  • 1x 90 min

About this Act

Explosive Light Orchestra (ExpLO) are the Worlds Ultimate Tribute to Jeff Lynne's ELO. ELO were a massive progressive rock group formed in the early 70’s by inspirational songwriter Jeff Lynne. ELO were a perfect fusion of classical strings and rock and roll and were known for their incredible rock songs, hauntingly beautiful ballads, as well as explorations into disco!

The Explosive Light Orchestra as performed by Symphonika reproduce the exciting works of ELO live. Receiving praise and accolades from public and press alike. The Explosive Light Orchestra perform the tribute show to packed theatres and live music venues around Europe. 

Featuring hits such as Mr Blue Sky, Diary of Horace Wimp, Last Train To London, Evil Woman, Showdown, Wild West Hero, Xanadu and many more...


Set List

Standing in the rain
Evil Woman
Living thing
Telephone Line
Diary of Horace Wimp
Can't get it out of my head
Hold on tight
Last train to London
10538 Overture
Turn to stone
Shine a little love
Mr Blue Sky
Wild West Hero
Mama Belle
All over the world
Strange Magic
Calling America
Sweet talkin Woman
Don't bring me down
Roll Over Beethoven


  • Robin Myles (Jeff Lynne)
    Jason Ball: Guitar & Backing Vocals
    Aidan Thorne: Bass & Backing Vocals
    Dave Purkiss: Drums & Backing Vocals
    Sarah Fowler: Keyboards & Backing Vocals
  • Options can then include a bigger band with String Section
  • Rachael Eliot: Violin
    Bea Newman: Cello
    Abi Blackman: Cello


  1. The Explosive Light Orchestra

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