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The Belle Fleurs



  • 3 part Close Harmony, with patter and umour
  • Excellent repertoire from Black Lace to Steam Punk/Goth.
  • Most suited to 'different' corporate functions, Burlesque events, alternative festivals/areas, Halloween and other alternative balls and parties.


They are based in Bath, but will perform anywhere!

Standard Set Times

  • 2 or 3 5-10 minute sets, 3 x 15 minute sets, 1 30-45 minute set or 2 45 minute sets

About this Act

The Bellefleurs are 3 experienced professional singers with one desire, to take classic rock, pop, punk and metal songs, throw in a few old standards, Fleurt with them and make them their own! They will also change the way you hear Andrew's Sister's songs forever!

Despite their beautiful vintage harmonies, they are NOT a Vintage sound a like group, nor do they have a repertoire of 40's numbers/war time favourites. Dressed in beautiful corsets and clothing designed especially for them, this Trio will make you laugh and gasp at the audacity of their tracks and the beauty of their voices.

From Birthday parties for 30-70 year olds, Glamorous weddings, Glastonbury & Rebellion Punk Festival, Bath Comedy Festival Gala, Burlesque shows , Pride London to Corporate events...they now have their own 'plug n play' lit and directed show "A Night With The BelleFleurs" suitable for theatres.

Tanya Rich, chief Fleur on Alto, madcap ideas from this former manager of the punk band Discharge, ex session singer and pro voice over artist for 25 years, Tanya has an encyclopaedic knowledge of music, and is queen of the mash ups! Tanya's colour is green and her hair is purple!

Kate Harbour, ex Ballet Dancer and West End performer, now voice over artist most famously known as Wendy in Bob the Builder, takes the middle line, is chief choreographer and seamstress! Kate's colour is Blue and she is beautifully Blonde.

Emma 'Bluebell' Spark, pro singer on the Northern Club Circuit for 20 years, Bass and Cello player and musical prodigy on top Soprano. Yellow is Emma's colour which goes beautifully with her Blue hair:)

From Metallica to Motorhead, Katy Perry to Discharge, The Buzzcocks to Electric 6 no one is safe!

They are slowly re-writing The Andrew's Sisters song book, revealing the 'truth' behind their famous songs

The Bellefleurs are a top quality, beautiful sounding act, with some lovely moves and comedy patter!

Set List

Ace of Spades - Motorhead and a hit for Frank Sinatra
Enter Mr Sandman - The Chordettes meet Metalica
I kissed A Girl - Katy Perry
Pure Imagination
De-Control - Discharge
Paint it Black-The Rolling Stones meet a TV icon;)
Daughter's of Darkness-Halestorm
I'm in the mood for M&S-Classic Track meets Depeche Mode.
Spank me up-The Andrews Sisters meet Madonna
White Rabbit - Jefferson Aeroplane with a Cockney Twist
Gay Bar Boogie-Electric 6 Meet The Andrews Sisters
Orgasm Addict-The Buzzcocks meets Mozart
Drinking from The Bottle-Calvin Harris meets Grieg
Bad Mood...Barry White meets R Kelly and The Bloodhound Gang
Plus many more!


  • 3 piece singing act - Alto, Mid Soprano, Top Soprano


The Belle Fleurs : main Freak Music profile photo


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