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The Galloway Consort



  • 2-5 piece band performing music from 15th-17th century
  • Offering historic authenticity during the performance
  • Unfamiliar but entertaining repertoire
  • Educational programs also available


The band are based in Dumfries and Galloway but regularly play across Scotland and the rest of the UK

Standard Set Times

  • 4 x 20 minutes in a day for ambient
  • 2 x 45 minutes for concerts
  • but very flexible, depending on client requirement

About this Act

The Galloway Consort was formed in 1985 from a group of musicians who fell under the influence of David Munrow and his spirited revival of 15th-17th music.

The group provides costumed entertainment of renaissance music from the courts of Europe on appropriate instruments - viols, recorders, early reed instruments, renaissance guitar, lute and all manner of percussion. A singer may also be added if required.

The group also offers educational programs for all ages on instruments of the renaissance.

Set List

varied repertoire consisting of dance music, pieces from the chanson and madrigal repertoire, lute solos and songs,fantasias and ricercars. Programs are devised for events, matching historical facts or personalities to performance.


  • 2-5 piece band consisting of renaissance guitar and viol or recorder, 3 viols, voice and lute, 4 recorders, 3 crumhorns,


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