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The Filth And The Fury



  • 4 piece Punk cover and Sex Pistols Tribute band
  • Pistols songs played by Pistols fans.
  • The most authentic sounding Sex Pistols cover band in the world, bar none!


The band are based in Shotts, North Lanarkshire, in the very middle of Scotland's Central Belt. Because of this central location the band are ideally placed for gigs in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling and Falkirk but have also travelled North to Perth and Dundee.

Standard Set Times

  • One 70 minute set, no break.

About this Act

The Sex Pistols left behind a legacy of material unparalled in terms of influence, if not in quantity. Given their short lifespan, the volatility of their reputation, and number of bans placed their way, it was a relatively small number of people who saw the Pistols live, first time round.

There are an enormous amount of Pistols fans, young and old, who have never heard the songs played live, other than the odd rock or metal band covering Anarchy or Pretty Vacant.

The Filth and The Fury formed in 2005 with these ideas in mind. Playing a set of Pistols songs, with all the power and intensity of delivery at their disposal, being as true to the original as they could, while still endeavouring to be true to themselves.

Taking the Kiss This compilation as the definitive collection of Pistols material, The Filth and The Fury deliver 70 minutes of classic Sex Pistols tunes. No mess, no fuss, no frills and no pretence. The songs of the Sex Pistols played by Sex Pistols fans. Whether you're an ex-punk in your 40's, who bought the album at school, or a teenage student into ancient history, if you have the remotest interest in the Sex Pistols, you'll have a ball at a Filth & Fury gig.

Set List

All Sex Pistols tracks:

Pretty Vacant
I Wanna Be Me
Did You No Wrong
No Feelings
Silly Thing
No Fun
No Lip
New York
Stepping Stone
Holidays in The Sun
God Save The Queen
Anarchy In The UK


  • 4 piece band featuring guitar, vocals, bass and drums.


  1. The Filth And The Fury

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