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Saor Patrol



  • 4 - 5 piece Highland Scottish Trybal Band
  • Authentic costumed performance
  • Set list consists of their own compositions


The band are based in Edinburgh but regularly play across Scotland and the rest of the UK

Standard Set Times

  • One 60 minute performance with a 15 minute break

About this Act

'Saor' from the Gaelic word 'Saorsa', meaning freedom / liberty...

From Central Scotland and Fife, the ancient Celtic Kingdom of Scotland, Saor Patrol and their unique sound of Scotland in the 21st century, brings together the sounds of the past into the present and launches the listener into an 'Exciting Tribal Experience'.

Those that have heard and experienced SAOR PATROL live never forget the visual image. The vibrant energy they share with their audience during a performance, with their vibrant pipe tunes and drum rhythms please and excite many a crowd from all walks of life.

The sound they have evolved, produced and developed has been referred to as "Celtabilly". Bluegrass, Rockabilly, and as many other sounds have evolved from traditional Scottish and Irish music over the centuries, this is their contribution!! Still holding onto their unique sound and style they continue to combine old musical Celtic roots with the new.

Saor Patrol can now also offer an alternative, more 'Rock' orientated set, for their audiences. So you choose, TRIBAL Celtabilly or TRIBAL Celtic Rock...

Again and again Saor Patrol brings to you their very own Celtabilly brand of music. Their fast growing backlog of Cds include: Esspee their first Album from the early days, now very rare, was followed by Black Bull along with EPs I an II also very rare but available by request. Their third album Aptly called Full Boar is their favourite contribution. The next album Full Throttle started as a bit of fun - A growing Rock orientated fanbase influenced an experiment that really worked, ( hence the play with words ), this has surprised and pleased people from all over the world and received some excellent reviews. They recently teamed up with their producer Paul Kane on this project and produced a semi electric album with guitars, Keyboards and Irish flutes. This album along with their backlog is now heavily distributed and available and easy to buy on-line.

Saor Patrol have performed at festivals throughout the UK, Europe and the USA and are available for bookings for any occasion.

Book them for a unique Scottish Celtic experience for Festivals, Corporate and Public Events, Private Functions, Weddings, Ceilidhs, Gatherings, Galas, etc.. bringing a taste of Scottish tradition with a difference to any event.

Set List

Set list consists of their own compositions


  • The band play from a 4 piece (piper and 3 drummers) to a 5 piece


Saor Patrol : main Freak Music profile photo


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