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Quadrant Quartet



  • Classical string act
  • Wide repertoire of classical, jazz and musical theatre
  • Perform as quartet or trio


Quadrant are based in West London with majority of previous events having taken place within greater London and the home counties. Inquiries for regions beyond, warmly welcomed.

Standard Set Times

  • 50 min set with 5 min break
  • or
  • 2 x 45 sets with 8-10 minute interval
  • or
  • 3 x 45 sets with total with 2 x 10 min interval

About this Act

The Quadrant Quartet have a vast combined experience of four professionals with many years of performing under their belts and will ensure your event is savoured, long after it's over. So why does a string quartet remain enduringly popular? Perhaps the unrivalled quantity and quality of repertoire which has been written for it? The music available for a quartet runs into hundreds of compositions from those down the ages to arrangements of the most recent popular songs.

Functions at which the quartet have been previously played include the most well-known and exclusive members' club, The Athenaeum at Pall Mall. Whether the event large or modest, your ideal 'playlist' is carefully chosen!

For functions where attention is needed to be given to space or perhaps budget, the quartet can easily form a string trio. The sound of the trio is closely comparable to that of a quartet, but with somewhat less repertoire available. This includes however, music written by some of the greatest composers and more than enough to fill several set-lists.

A 'Playlist' will be suggested by the quartet to best suit the event in question. Advanced requests are warmly invited and almost alway accommodated. The repertoire available is huge, the quartet or trio are able to offer hundreds of pieces or arrangements. These include the genres of classical, jazz and light-music. Particular requests can be given in advance, otherwise leave the choice with the act to deliver a playlist ideally suited to your event. A small selection of music is listed here in the set list.

Set List


Selection of quartets Op.53 No.1 - Haydn
Alleluja from 'Exultate Jubilate' - Mozart
Sleeping Beauty Waltz - Tchaikovsky
Canon & Gigue - Pachelbel
The Blue Danube - Strauss
HMS Pinafore - Gilbert & Sullivan
Danny Boy - Traditional
Piano Concerto in F - Gershwin
Take Five - Brubeck
How High the Moon - Fitzgerald
Take the 'A' Train - Ellington


Divertimento K563 - Mozart
Op.53 No.1 - Haydn
Air on G - Bach
Canon & Gigue - Pachelbel


  • Quartet - 2 violins, viola and cello
  • Trio - violin, viola and cello


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