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  • Traditional Scottish and Ceilidh act
  • Wide range of called Ceilidh dances
  • Perform as a three piece as standard
  • Bagpiper available to hire with band or as solo
  • Additional musicians/ vocalist can be added on request


Heisgeir's members are based in Glasgow and Inverness and they accept bookings across the UK

Standard Set Times

  • Set times can be varied from 45 minutes to upwards of 3 hours, with a 15 minute break every 45 minutes. The band are happy to remain fully flexible in terms of set length.

About this Act

Heisgeir are: Jamie Robert MacDonald (Fiddle and Gaelic Song), Joseph Peach (Accordion and Bagpipes) and Katie MacDonald (Guitar). They are young musicians playing a range of authentic Scottish and Irish Music. Highly experienced in playing for different functions. They will taylor our music to your specific event, whether it be a wedding, ceilidh dance, concert or background music at a function. They are all able to call for dancing and guarantee that we’ll have everyone up on the floor! 

The band find that while our audiences very much enjoy a good ceilidh dance, it is at times nice to take a break to socialise and listen to some top quality authentic traditional music. As such, they play gaelic songs or instrumental sets between dances.

Joe is available pipe outside a church at a wedding ceremony, to welcome guests to a function or generally as required. He will also pipe with the band as part of a ceilidh. We’ve found that the Highland Bagpipes are a great way to round of the night with a Strip the willow!

If you think your event requires a larger number of musicians, it is at times possible for the act to add further instruments, including drums, whistles/pipes, piano and vocals to our lineup. They have an extensive list of experienced musician colleagues which they can draw from, so please don’t hesitate to ask if you feel that your event would be better suited to a larger band. 

The setlist is Just a sample of their collective repertoire. The music listed here lasts for approximately two hours and they remain flexible in terms of decreasing and increasing the length of their set. With prior notice they will try to accommodate any specific requests.

Set List

Ceilidh Dance Setlist:

Gay Gordons, - Dance
Dashing White Sergeant - Dance
Gaol ìse Gaol i - Listening Set
Canadian Barn Dance - Dance
Virginia Reel - Dance
Banish Misfortune set - Listening Set
Strip the Willow - With Bagpipes - Dance
St. Bernard's Waltz - Dance
Teann an Nall - Listening Set
Highland Scottishe - Dance
Boston Two Step - Dance
Dili O Eadalum - Listening Set
Military Two Step - Dance
Gay Gordons 2 - Dance
An Turas: The Voyage of the Hector - Listening Set
Eightsome Reel - Dance
Canadian Barn Dance 2 - Dance
Cape Breton Tunes - Dance
Dashing White Sergeant 2 - Dance
Orcadian Strip the Willow - With Bagpipes - Dance

Background/ Concert Music:

Banish Misfortune
Gaol ise gaol i - Gaelic song
March, Strathspey and Reel
An Turas: The Voyage of the Hector
Pipe set - Bagpipes
Dili O Eadalum - Gaelic Song
Gaelic Reels
Cape Breton Tunes
Donella Beaton - Bagpipes
2/4 Marches
Skylark’s Ascention
Scandinavian Tunes
Heights of Cassino
Dundee City Police Pipe Band - Bagpipes


  • Three piece band comprising Fiddle/Gaelic Song, Accordion/ Bagpipes and Guitar.
  • Solo bagpiper option
  • Additional musicians available on request


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