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  • Solo operatic tenor
  • Highly romantic classic tenor opera delivery
  • Heart melting numbers from the European romantic tradition.
  • Genuine Operatic tenor soloist, repertoire includes all the big numbers that have changed our world


Edward Mirza is based in London, but he is willing to travel to suit your needs.

Standard Set Times

  • One and a half to two hours, or as requested. Also available as presence during a day event to come on at regular intervals.

About this Act

Edward Mirza is a genuine Operatic tenor soloist, and a romantic soloist, performing evocative numbers from the High Opera Tradition - as well as lead roles in Operatic productions. He performs a wide variety of repertoire from well-known Italian Love Songs (the most famous example is O Sole Mio - well known as the basis for the 'Just One Cornetto' advertisement), or 'Neapolitan Songs,' in which Edward Mirza is a specialist. He also performs well known love ballads in a highly romantic style, such as Love Story, and also lighter pop-ballad repertoire.

Of course on request, or at the audience's behest, well known operatic arias are at their disposal. Edward Mirza is available with an accompanist or as very compact and portable with a discreet professional P.A. set, and a set of professional backing tracks.

Songs from the repertoire of Andrea Bocelli ('Romanza') and similar artists are among his repertoire. He has a particular set called 'Rockin' Arias' in which Neapolitan songs are set to a Rock 'n Roll Band.

Edward Mirza is also an experienced performer of the 'ballad Jazz' style repertoire or 'Great American Songbook,' and loves to send off an evening in atmosphere of Mediterranean romance and true feelings we have all felt, and which makes differences to our live: perhaps the Jazz standard and Great American Songbook repertoire are suited for a gentle background music to dinner, or to a dance, rather than a captive audience pinned to their seats, but, as you wish!

Set List

Rapsodia - sung by Andrea Bocelli
Nessun Dorma - famously sung by Luciano Pavarotti
Caruso - Della
O Sole Mio - Eduardo Di Capua
Core n' Grato - Di Curtis
Torna Surriento - Di Curtis
Santa Lucia - Traditional Folk Song (Anonymous)
L'Ultima Canzone - Tosti
Marichiare - Tosti
Sealed with a Kiss - Geld/Udell
Mi Par Du Dir Ancore - Bizet
Ave Maria - Bach/Gounod
Don Dimentica - famously sung by Dean Martin, Dobbins/Galdieri/Redi
On the Sreet Where You Live - famously sung by Dean Martin, Lerner/Loewe
La Donna E Mobile - Verdi
Una Furtiva Lagrima - Donizetti
Che Gelida Manina - Puccini
Volare - famously sung by Dean Martin, Migliarcci/Modugno
The Impossible Dream - Darion/Leigh


  • A tenor soloist specialising in Operatic and very romantic repertoire with either a professional P.A. and backing tracks or an accompanist; or, for special occasions, a band.


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