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Brandy Montmartre


  • Multi-award winning UK national burlesque performer
  • Las Vegas style classic showgirl act with a hot modern twist
  • Performs solo


Brandy Montmartre is based close to Edinburgh and frequently performs in Glasgow and throughout Scotland. She has appeared in shows up and down the UK, including Newcastle, Leicester, Middlesbrough and London.

Standard Set Times

  • 1 performance that lasts about 5 minutes, with walk around before or after.

About this Act

Brandy Montmartre is an award winning burlesque firebrand ready to turn the heat up at your upcoming event. Brandy currently holds the title of Burlesque Idol Scotland 2016 and is recognised as being one of the hottest talents UK burlesque has to offer.

'Fireball', Brandy's signature act, is a flaming hot whirlwind of high energy, shimmy-packed tease in an exquisite classic showgirl outfit that is frequently booked as the opening act for many shows of which Brandy has been part; this is because it never fails to get the audience warmed up and the party started. Featuring a large carnival style headdress bedecked in glittering Swarovski crystals, combined with a beautiful custom dyed ostrich boa bustle, when Brandy performs 'Fireball' she would not look out of place in the clubs of Las Vegas.

Brandy is trained in contemporary, flamenco, latin and bellydance, and this background is evident in every fluid move of her performance. In addition to this, Brandy keeps her burlesque acts in excellent shape by training regularly with one the UK's top performers, Gypsy Charms.

Look no further for one of the most glamorous and feel-good performers on the UK burlesque scene today.

Set List

Coming soon...


  • 1 piece solo burlesque performer


Brandy Montmartre : main Freak Music profile photo


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