Taking Photos While Your Wedding Band is Playing

Honey Moons and dancers
The Honey Moons and dancers


One of the biggest moments of your wedding day is the first dance. It is a moment you want to capture with great photos – it is a most precious occasion and one of the first times you get to properly embrace each other as a couple since leaving the ceremony itself. Capturing such a moment can be tricky, and you need to talk about it with your wedding photographer to get it right. Here are the questions that’ll help you to coordinate how to take photos while your wedding band is playing.

Do you want photos just from the first dance or dancing in general?

You first need to consider how involved you want the photographer to be in terms of dance floor photos. Do you just want to take photos of the first dance or dancing in general? One thing to consider is the possible parent-child dance – you might want to capture this moment in photos too. This is an important issue to organise with the photographer and will help you decide whether you want your photographer present for the whole evening or just the early part. Depending on the structure and location of your day you may well end up with your photographer present for the whole day, perhaps even having them taking photographs while the bride gets ready, too.

What kind of songs are you dancing to and will it affect the photos?

If you’re only taking photos during particular dances, you should think about the song choices. Are they slow songs or more upbeat ones? Do you want this music to ‘show’ in the photos? It’s a good idea to share your playlist with the photographer so they can get a feel of the rhythm before the big day. If you have any special choreography planned, you also want to share it with your wedding photographer. Your wedding party isn’t a great time to be doing re-takes to get the perfect photo!

Do you want the band in the photos?

You also might want to think about the composition of the photos. If you’re taking photos of the first dance, do you want it just be about the two of you? You might not want the band in your photos – or even your guests, for that matter – and you need to think how to position yourself on the dance floor to create a background for your photos. You may even ask the venue to prepare a set-piece of flowers or other decorations so you have a specific backdrop for your first photos.

On the other hand, having the band in the background can add a lovely touch to your photos. It’s also a lovely reminder of who was behind the great music at your wedding –  after all, your wedding band will play a key role in creating a memorable wedding reception.

Do guests want to be photographed dancing?

You will always need to be mindful about when and how to photograph guests. Not everyone wants their photos taken – least when they are pulling those moves on the dance floor. Good wedding photographers know to be mindful of this but it’s definitely a conversation worth having. You might want to have the band or the MC notify the guests that photos will be taken during specific dances and that if the guests don’t want to be photographed, they can position themselves in a specific spot. Of course, a professional wedding photographer won’t ever present you with embarrassing photos of anyone.


As an extra thought, it’s often worth telling your guests that you’ll share your wedding photos when they’re provided to you, and asking them not to take their own photos or share them on social media, depending on how you feel about this.


Talk to your wedding band and wedding photographer and share your hopes and wishes regarding the music and the photos. You’ll end up capturing the most precious and the funniest moments of your wedding in style.

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  One of the biggest moments of your wedding day is the first dance. It is a moment you want to capture with great...
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