Helping your wedding band go out with a bang 💥

Choose the right wedding band or DJ to play at your wedding and you’re halfway to a party you’ll never forget. While a great wedding band will put on a hell of a show, there are plenty of options that will help your band go out with a bang.

Projector Show

Why not have your wedding band perform a song while beautiful images are projected all across the dance floor? With an image projector, anything is possible from an interactive show, whether you want a projector that responds to the band’s movement or accent projection mapping, images can be projected onto the dance floor or onto one of your venue’s walls, if you’d prefer.

Just be careful on the song and the images you use, if you choose images of yourselves it doesn’t take much for romantic to turn to cheesy!

Confetti Balloons

Balloons make a simple yet dance floor decoration and to do something different, go for confetti balloons that explode as your band is performing a specific song. Confetti cannons could be placed right on top of the dance floor and go out one by one, while a giant balloon filled with smaller balloons and confetti is great fun, too.

Just make sure your wedding venue is happy with what you’re doing – they’ll be the ones cleaning up!

Indoor Fireworks

You don’t need to have your wedding band perform outside or move your guests around the venue in order to incorporate fireworks into the show. Indoor fireworks and small pyro is a great way to add something different to your show.

You’ll always have options for indoor fireworks. Professional fireworks display companies will be able to cater for your needs while your wedding venue and sometimes even your wedding band will know of someone who provides these.

Book Fire Performers

Why not combine two different types of performance? You could have fire performers perform during the first song after the traditional first dance! Guests could either just watch the show or if the venue has enough space, the fire performers could be on stage with the band while your guests dance.

For a less explosive performance, you could also have trapeze artists perform, while hiring dancers is a more traditional option, and one that has become popular in recent years.

Before You Use the Above Ideas…

Remember a few things before you go ahead with the above ideas. First, make sure your wedding band or DJ are aware of what you’re planning. You don’t want to freak them out with your exploding confetti balloons right as they are starting to play a song or have small pyro exploding next to them as a surprise. Go through your ideas with them – the band might even be able to suggest you other cool tricks to use during the performance or help you plan when to fit the in. You also must check with the wedding venue, particularly if you go for indoor fireworks, fire breathers, or anything similar. Don’t organise the anything without being given the green light by the venue.

The above ideas will look stunning, so make sure you’ve also prompted your wedding photographer on what you’re doing, and if you haven’t booked them to stay into the evening, we suggest you do so.

We’re sure your wedding band or DJ will be great whatever they do, but why not consider adding some of the above elements on your big day to give your part that extra something special?


This article is part of a series on wedding planning put together collaboratively by Freak Music and Firework Crazy, published on both the Freak Music and Firework Crazy blogs.

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