Filming Wedding Entertainment with a Drone


Drone in flight
Drone in flight

Drones are the talk of the town, even as they’re becoming fairly commonplace. Today, drone technology has even made it to the wedding industry. Filming your wedding videos with the help of a drone is exciting, unique and a whole lot of fun. It’s the perfect way to capture your wedding entertainment but there are a few caveats to bear in mind…

Drones can now be bought on the high street so it’s possible to ask someone in the wedding party to use it for filming. However, flying a drone is not as simple as it might sound and you definitely don’t want a drone crash to ruin your perfect wedding.

Think carefully between going down the DIY route, as cool as it might sound for one of your friends to be filming and how excited they might be at the possibility, and hiring a professional wedding film photographer who can also use a drone.

Remember to Get Permission

Very important this one. Before you book your drone photographer (or buy a drone to do it all yourself) you have to make sure filming with a drone is okay with the wedding venue. First, you should get permission to use a drone on the premises and ensure the venue’s staff know what you’re planning to do.

The second important point is to ensure filming is safe. Together with your wedding venue, you can go over any rooms or areas that are not safe to navigate with a drone and so on. This is important so clear the permission issues as soon as possible.

Always Talk to the Entertainers First

Since you want to film the entertainment with a drone, inform your entertainers about this. As traditional filming of your wedding is common, most wedding entertainers won’t have an objection to being filmed. However, you want to let them know that part of the filming happens with a drone to prepare them for it. Having a drone suddenly fly above you while you’re doing a magic trick or singing a song can be scary and some of them are quite noisy.

You can also talk to your entertainers about the drone can lead to much better results in terms of the video. The wedding band, for example, can be part of a fun video clip where the drone delivers the drumsticks before the band starts to play or the band sings directly to the camera as it pans out to show the beautiful dance floor. By talking to your wedding entertainers about the use of a drone, you can ensure the video you capture is funnier and unique!

What’s better than a drone filmed wedding? A drone filmed wedding that captures exactly what you want it to and that is itself involved in the occasion.

Take Advantage of the Drone’s Best Qualities

How should you use a drone to film wedding entertainment? A drone can beautifully capture the emotion and the grandiose, broader views of your wedding entertainment and venue. To give one obvious but great example, filming a bird’s eye view of the first dance. You can fly the drone to capture the couple from above as you also pan across the wedding guests watching this beautiful moment. Drones could also be used to get aerial footage of the wedding party watching wedding fireworks or the moment the bride and groom walk down the aisle.

The important thing to remember is that a drone will make slight buzzing noise. Therefore, you don’t want it to fly right next to someone giving a speech or go around the audience when everyone is focused on the entertainer performing tricks, for example. Filming the wedding band is good because the drone’s noise won’t be too loud to ruin the music.

Having a drone filming your wedding entertainment is a great way of making your wedding film different and fun. Talk to your wedding photographer and entertainers about the possibility of drone filming and get set to create a magical wedding video.

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  Drones are the talk of the town, even as they’re becoming fairly commonplace. Today, drone technology has even made it to the wedding...
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