Band of the week? Band of any week really…


The Banjo Lounge
The Banjo Lounge

This week’s featured act are an Edinburgh quartet who have a look and sound of all of their own, people, I give you the mighty Banjo Lounge. Their USP is “delivering classics in an original and imaginative packaging”, but this really doesn’t cover it. Tweed covered maestros, carving the new and wonderful out of the already old and wonderful while magically mashing up musical milestones to create new masterpieces is perhaps closer to what they do. Two particular favourites of mine are their version of the Beastie Boys Intergalactic and a stonking reworking of Mundian To Bach Ke (listen below). With 5 string banjo, acoustic guitar, double bass and stripped down drum-kit, the band also features 3 part harmonies. Some really do say that their bluegrass-funk interpretations are better than the originals. 

Despite, or perhaps because of their uniqueness they’re a popular choice as a vintage wedding band as well as corporate events, always going down a storm no matter what the event, and play fairly regularly in Edinburgh venues such as the Edinburgh Jazz Bar too so if you’d like to try before you buy then please get in touch.


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