8 quirky ways to add fireworks to your wedding

Wedding Fireworks

Fireworks are hardly a new thing, it’s thought that the Chinese invented them around the 7th century but what is more modern is their use as wedding entertainment. We asked Stuart Green of Firework Crazy for some pointers, take it away Stuart:

Looking for fun entertainment to your wedding? Something that’ll add some sparkles and bang to your special day? Fireworks could be just the things you are looking for. They’ll add plenty of glamour and wow-factor to this important occasion.

Fireworks are a great addition for weddings because you can use them in so many ways. They are not just entertaining, but they also add more colours to your decorations and make the other wedding elements stand out.

Here are eight of the quirkiest ways you could use fireworks at your wedding.

1. Sparkly Entrance

Hand out small sparklers to your guest as they enter the ceremony venue. You can give two for each tied together with a beautiful bow in your chosen theme colour. As you walk down the aisle as newlyweds, have your guest lit up the sparklers and give you a sparkling send off to life as a married couple!

2. Fiery Welcome

Have two small firework mines welcome your guest to the reception venue. This is a quirky way to replace traditional fire pits and will work perfectly in winter weddings! You can either have a number of mines available or find longer lasting mines to ensure all guests get to enjoy the show. You could even consider using Catherine wheels for this purpose!

3. Surprising Centrepieces

Whisk away the traditional floral centrepieces and swap them for sparkling fireworks. Use beautiful LED-photo display units to show colourful images of fireworks. It’s unique and it’s definitely a simple DIY centrepiece!

4. Exciting Buffet

Add a bit more excitement to your wedding buffet with fireworks. You could decorate the buffet table with sparklers or have the wedding cake brought outside as rockets go off in the sky!

5. A Fun Photo-Op

Fireworks make great addition to your wedding photos. Professional photographers can ensure you take group photos with fireworks going off in the background! You can even use a reflective surface such as a pond to add a bit more elements to your photos.

This takes quite a bit of co-ordination and skill, so remember to get someone who knows what they are doing!

6. A Romantic First Dance

You could definitely add a bit more sparkle to your first dance with fireworks. For outdoors weddings, a full fireworks display going off in the background while your chosen wedding band serenades for you will look stunning. But you can even use indoor fireworks at your wedding and guarantee your first dance is a bit more magical.

7. A James Bond-like Getaway

Want to leave the wedding in style? Have fireworks such as mines and rockets fire around your wedding vehicle, as you drive into the sunset. This will be an exhilarating way of saying goodbye to your guests!

8. Grand Finale

Finally, you should definitely consider adding a lovely fireworks display as the grand finale of your wedding. While your guests are admiring the stunning display, you two lovebirds can sneak to your first night as a married couple!



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