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Philips Man and Nanacere



  • 5 piece Afro-Latin-Funk-Hip-Hop-Reggae-Reggaeton-Salsa fusion band
  • World music fusion at it's best!
  • Original songs performed


The band are based in London but travel all across the UK

Standard Set Times

  • 2 X 30 Min sets + break

About this Act

The Philips Man & Lolo / Nanacere Band play a live fusion of Afro-Latin-Funk-Hip-Hop-Reggae-Reggae-ton-Salsa. They have a live DJ and Electric Guitar, Bass, Guest Vocalists, Congas, Drums. Sax and Trombone.

Formal Biography...

Born in Santa Clara, Cuba. Formed the band Triangulo Oscuro in 1996 in Nueva Gerona City, Isla de la Juventud off the south west coast of Cuba. Influence from Afro-American, Carribean, Cuban and Urban music.

In 1997 Triangulo Oscuro reached the finals of the Cuban rap festival in Havana. In 2000 Egrem Records produced the first of three internationally renowned CDs. In 2001, the album 'A Moverse' was distributed by Sony in the United States. All three albums are currently available worldwide.

In 2002, Triangulo Oscuro were awarded the highest honor in Cuban music industry, the Premios Cubadisco 2002 in 2 categories: Opera Prima and Pop Fusion. In 2003, the CD went on to recieve the Pop Fusion award. The band toured internationally in Mexico, Russia and the UK alongside Eliades Ochoa del Buena Vista Social Club in London. They played at the launch of Floridita in London and were interviewed by BBC 3 on their tour. ALBUM RELEASES La Fiesta de la Musica Cubana El Gran tezoro de la musica cubana volumen (8) A moverese con un tin A moverse Dechaba'o A tronco El Pop Cubano Pop Caliente Gozando el Verano Toque natural. Beginner's Guide to Cuban Music.

In 2007, Philips Man stayed in London to pursue a solo career. Working with 2 London producers, Red Smoke Family and London Individuals Ltd. Current Music Genres include - Afro-Latin Hip Hop, Funk, Dancehall, Reggaeton, Reggae, Salsa and unique fusions of all of the above. Philips Man has collaborated various artists in London including: - Frankie Paul to produce the track 'Can You Feel It' on the Album 'Them say dem know me produced by London Individuals. - Real Roll-X, Red Smoke Family. - Oriente Star Sound Philips man Mixtape: Saludos Gerona - DJ Green (Oriente Star Sound) - DJ Chino (La Bomba) - Dj Deoh (Invasion) - Dj Javier - DJ Flecha - Kid Afrika, Kapucino Latino, Leximan, Furius Flame, Marx Man. Castro, Virginia Buika, L.i, Cocoman-Cuban-Usa, Florian UK. www. Carnaval Cubano London 2008. Glastonbury 2008. Aculco Radio, South City Radio, Concius Radio fm. GSD Media Adward London 2009. Carnaval del Pueblo 'Wara ft Philips man' 2010 Big Chill Festival 2010. In 2010 Philips Man put together a live band of the premier Cuban musicians in London who performed their opening night at Brixton Jamm in June 2010.

Set List

Corazon Sincero - Philips man
Back to live - Soul to Soul / Remix.
Rebuleo - philips man
Let me do - Philips man


  • 8 piece of live band: Drums, Congas, Guitar, Bass, 2x vocals, Trombone, Sax, Dj-Key Board.


  1. Philips Man and Nanacere

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