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The Hat Pack


  • 3 piece swing style cabaret vocals act
  • A Rat Pack tribute with a twist
  • Performing swing classics and modern hits in a swing style
  • Performing either to backing track or with a live band
  • As all night entertainment or as a cabaret act after dessert, they guarantee to get everyone up and dancing


The Hat Pack members are based in London and perform regularly for private functions and corporate events. They also travel extensively throughout the UK, Europe and the World performing to international audiences

Standard Set Times

  • The Hat Pack works best as a cabaret appearance of up to 45 minutes

About this Act

As swing bands go, it doesn’t get more charismatic than The Hat Pack. Phenomenal vocals, great on stage chemistry and glittering humour are the core ingredients that make The Hat Pack what it is: charming, suave and unforgettable.

Whether they’re performing fifties classics or modern hits, the Hat Pack delivers each song in an irresistible swing style. Fresh, inspirational and able to warm the spirit, the Hat Pack creates a unique and remarkable experience audiences will never forget.

Comprised of three exceptional entertainers: Roy Hamilton, Cuttie Williams and Kevin Leo, this extraordinary trio performs around the globe, singing everything from Rat Pack era classics to today’s chart hits, all in their slick, swing style.

Having performed together for many years, The Hat Pack members are completely attuned to one another, forming a strong musical unit brimming with charisma. The group also works with a fantastic band, led by world famous musical maestro, Pete Long.

As true showmen, The Hat Pack are able to generate an unstoppable buzz for any event. Their natural connection and pure talent shines through every single performance, creating a unique act that’s guaranteed to dazzle and captivate.

Slick, smooth and sharp, The Hat Pack really is the king of swing.

Set List

Coming soon...


  • The Hat Pack perform as a trio either to backing track or accompanied by a live band


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