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The Gilev Showband



  • 15 Piece Showband
  • 7 male and female vocalists with live backing band
  • Several performances throughout the event
  • Internationally acclaimed
  • Completely choreographed cabaret and costume performances


The band are based in London but play all across the UK and Europe

Standard Set Times

  • Several different performances throughout the event

About this Act

The Gilev Show Band has left audiences around the globe wowed for close to two decades now.

This 15 piece fully professional band features some of the world’s finest musicians and vocal entertainers. Their high-energy, non-stop performances display a dynamism anmatched by any other act and their passion for music and a sophisticated glamour that knows no bounds, will have you dancing to every beat. The bands’ ability to encompass a staggering array of musical influences and styles is guaranteed to leave you breathless.

They play universally renowned popular classics to the most up to date chart toppers. Effortlessly fusing the rhythms of Africa, the beat of the Caribbean and the Latin flavour of South America this band are famous for their flawless and seamless shows.

Truly cosmopolitan, the Gilev Show Band comprises 13 different nationalities.This truly global make‐up produces an unparalleled live music experience.

Set List


  • 7 vocalists (male and female) with live backing band


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