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Kalakuta Millionaires



  • 8-10 piece AfroFunk Latino band
  • High energy carnival performance


This band are based in Brighton but regularly play through Scotland and the rest of the UK.

Standard Set Times

  • One 90 minute set or two 45 minute sets + break

About this Act

Kalakuta Millionaires is an Afro-Funk-Latino outfit based in Brighton. Fusing tunes from the heart of 70's Nigeria to the carnivals of Cuba, the back streets of Brazil and beyond - expect blistering brass, stunning harmonies and an explosive rhythm section!

The group has already taken the UK festival scene by storm with their dirty mix of Fela Kuti-inspired brass lines, Latin percussion section, afro-psych organ and JB-style funk riffs.

Kalakuta Millionaires have appeared on 'Craig Charles' Funk and Soul Show' on BBC 6 Music and will be playing live from the BBC's Maida Vale studios on Mark Lamarr’s show 'God's Jukebox', on BBC Radio 2.

Set List

‘Eu Nao Vous Mais’ (upbeat, very danceable afro-Latin)

‘Oye Colega’ (as above, features amazing, virtuosic solos!)

‘E Isaura’ (laid back, v funky number w/audience participation)

‘Water No Get Enemy’ – Fela Kuti afrobeat classic, very catchy vocals

‘6/8 - 4/4’ – funky, syncopated sections cut with driving Latin frenzy!

‘Eye Know’ – afrobeat version of De La Soul classic – features mass audience whistling

‘Bukom Mashie’ – driving afrobeat finale with savage vocal section!


  • Their full 10 piece lineup comprises of trombone, trumpet, tenor saxophone, flute, keyboard, electric guitar, bass guitar, drums (kit), congas & vocalist


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