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The Baghdaddies



  • 5-10 piece Balkan brass band
  • Eastern brass harmonies and high-energy rhythms
  • Can add Belly Dancer


Based in Newcastle upon Tyne but play regularly throughout the UK.

Standard Set Times

  • Two 60 minute sets.

About this Act

Blistering eastern brass harmonies and high-energy rhythms. Inspired by the Roma wedding and brass band music of the Balkans, fused by eclectic musical influences ranging from calypso and jazz to punk, The Baghdaddies are an experience not to be missed.

'The band have a particular flair for the Balkans and capture its frenetic energy and flamboyance wonderfully. There is also a fair share of klezmer, jazz, ska and punk - an anarchic fusion where Ivo Papasov meets The Clash meets The Beat' [songlines]

'With their impossibly infectious mix of Balkan dance beats, jazz, ska, tango, punk, reggae, each member of the quintet (trumpet, sax, guitar, bass, and drums) is absurdly accomplished - and they all sing too, sometimes all at once. The Baghdaddies gave 101 per cent in a show that managed to be both super-tight yet spontaneous fun.' [Cambria Arts]

Set List

All original material.


  • The band comprises of drums, bass, guitar, sax, trumpet and they all sing. They can also offer an additional brass band comprising of drum, sousaphone, trombone, sax and trumpet


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