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Freak Music are always on the lookout for new talent.

The majority of our bookings are for private events, parties and weddings that go to cover bands or entertainers but we have a growing set of big corporate clients and we're expanding into festival bookings for bands who play original material. That said, we're not looking for any original Indie or Rock bands at this stage (purely because we'd be of no use to you).

How do we operate?

There are no fees and no exclusivity agreements. We are a completely transparent agency that works to help bands - not tie them down or inhibit them. We will simply provide an additional channel of enquiries from your local area (& the rest of the UK if you are an act that is prepared to travel).


Our commission structure is straight forward - we simply place a small booking fee on top of the quote you supply for each new booking (this is added to your fee and does not reduce the booking fee you quoted!). We only ask that you give us the same quote as any other agency you deal with so that we're no more expensive than any of our competitors.

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