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We have a huge range of drummers available; African, Caribbean, Japanese, Indian and Scottish drumming bands troupes. Hire any of our percussion groups for any occasion in Gloucestershire...

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ACD (based in Surrey)

Music Description: 4-8 piece World African Contemporary Music and Dance

Packages range from £700 to £2500

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ACD -IN THE AFRICAN WORLD OF MUSIC, ARTS AND DANCE ACD is a World Music and Dance band that specialises in both contemporary and traditional African Music especially from East Africa. The band provides entertainment and performance accompanied with a creative blend of live African and Western instruments. Available for weddings, co-operate and charity e ... » View band profile »


Barulho (based in Brighton)

Music Description: Brighton-based Brazilian Samba band

Packages range from £500 to £3000

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Barulho are a leading Brighton based Samba band. With a unique style and presence, they bring any event to life with infectious rhythms, funky beats and spectacular performances. Blending Afro-Cuban and South American roots with samba reggae, funk, hip hop and drum & bass, their passion for sound is guaranteed to get you dancing and lift your spirits. ... » View band profile »


Clanadonia (based in Glasgow)

Music Description: Traditional tribal drums and pipes band

Packages range from £950 to £2500

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Clanadonia are leading exponents of traditional Celtic folk with an emphasis on tribal percussion. They began as a close combat stunt crew, for film and TV, the band formed, during the breaks in filming, with the numerous productions, in which, they've been involved, most notably, Braveheart, Gladiator, King Arthur and The New World. ... » View band profile »

Clann an Drumma

Clann an Drumma (based in Glasgow)

Music Description: Traditional Scottish Tribal pipe and drum band

Packages range from £700 to £1500

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Scottish traditional tribal drums and pipes act Clann an Drumma have been performing UK and worldwide for over 15 years and are an ideal opener or closer for all sorts of event such as wedding, corporate or product launch. They have strutted their stuff for a pretty eclectic client base such as the SRU, BT, Edinburgh Castle and Diageo. As well as their own a ... » View band profile »

The Destroyers

The Destroyers (based in Birmingham)

Music Description: Gypsy, Balkan Party music

Packages range from £2800 to £5000

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This 'anarchic 15 piece gypsy-punk orchestra' bring high precision musicianship and a blazing passion for performance into a swirling circus of spectacle, sensation and sound where only the dead can refuse to dance. Think Borat meets the Prodigy. Eastern European folk music with a gothic turbo charge! ... » View band profile »

The Dhol Blasters

The Dhol Blasters (based in Birmingham)

Music Description: Traditional Dhol Drummers

Packages range from £500 to £3000

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The Dhol Blasters are a team of young vibrant male and female Dhol players, performing at stage shows, festivals, melas, processions, weddings and all sorts of events all over the country and abroad. The True Roots and Colours of Punjab... ... » View band profile »

Kolonel Schnapps Oompah Band

Kolonel Schnapps Oompah Band (based in Fife)

Music Description: Bavarian party songs.

Packages range from £750 to £1500

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Kolonel Schnapps is one of Scotland's leading Bavarian style band, ideal for beer festivals, weddings and corporate events. The 6-piece Kolonel Schnapps Oompah Band brings the Hofbrauhaus atmosphere to your event. The band will involve and entertain your guests with their banter, games and not forgetting Bavarian music from top notch musicians. They will ge ... » View band profile »


MacUmba (based in Glasgow)

Music Description: 8 piece Scottish bagpipes and Brazilian Samba percussion band

Packages range from £1300 to £3200

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MacUmba is a professional group of musicians based in Scotland who mix the traditional sounds of Scottish bagpipes with the infectious rhythms of Brazilian Samba percussion. MacUmba have played at many events and festivals all over the world and continue to develop their unique sound, entertaining audiences where ever they go. The normal instrumentation of t ... » View band profile »

Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers

Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers (based in Glasgow)

Music Description: Drumming Band

Packages range from £1500 to £5000

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The Dojo Drummers are a dynamic and vibrant new taiko group, representing the Mugen Taiko Dojo, the UK's Centre for Taiko Drumming. Taiko drumming is a highly visual and exciting art form, and performances have thrilled audiences at every occasion. ... » View band profile »

Puff Uproar and the Shimmering Sound Affair

Puff Uproar and the Shimmering Sound Affair (based in Falkirk)

Music Description: Gyspy Samba Balkan band

Packages range from £400 to £2000

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Puff Uproar and the Shimmering Sound Affair are Falkirk's very own street band. With harmonious, up-lifting, cacophonous brass and a rhythm section that will make your eye-balls rattle with bass-y goodness. The band aim to transport you from the colourful climes of the Sao Paulo carnival down through South Eastern Europe for complex, Klezmer, crashing cymbal ... » View band profile »

Saor Patrol

Saor Patrol (based in Edinburgh)

Music Description: Celtic Pipe and Drum Band

Packages range from £800 to £3000

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Those that have heard SAOR PATROL live never forget the visual image, and the vibrant energy they send out to their audience during a performance. Their original pipe tunes and drum rhythms please, and excite, many a crowd from all walks of life. They are "there for the Craic" and honor their invitations with pride. ... » View band profile »

Steelasophical Steel Band

Steelasophical Steel Band (based in Wycombe)

Music Description: Traditional Steel Band

Packages range from £400 to £3500

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Steelasophical are a top end traditional steel band based in Greater London. They are the perfect accompaniment for a Caribbean themed event or even a wedding to add an uplifting or tropical vibe. The band are wedding day music specialists whether it's pre ceremony, drinks reception or as an alternative to a standard evening band. James Bond themed events ... » View band profile »

Stix Drummers

Stix Drummers (based in Eastbourne)

Music Description: Rythmic drumming Group

Packages range from £300 to £2000

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The act were were formed in 2013 to perform at bonfires, parties, weddings but can do much, much more... They have grown from a small group to a troupe in excess of 35+ members who perform at many events every year and are always seeking new adventures where we can share their powerful, rhythmic beats and entertain the public. Whatever the size of your event ... » View band profile »

Xotic Steel Rhythms

Xotic Steel Rhythms (based in London)

Music Description: Steel band with additional musicians

Packages range from £500 to £2500

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Xotic Steel Rhythms are a fantastic band of talented and experienced steel pan musicians who perform different genres of music from Pop, Reggae, Latin, Calyspo, Ballad, soca to name but a few. The band covers songs from the 70s to present day they include songs from the likes of Amy Winehouse, , Bob Marley, Lord Kitchener, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, ... » View band profile »

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