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The Shimmy Grand Ceilidh Band



  • Traditional ceilidh band with a more modern groove
  • The repertoire comprises traditional dances, modern dances, line dance party games and more
  • Perform as a three piece as standard and reduce to a duo
  • DJ option available


The band are based in the central belt of Scotland and will travel for events.

Standard Set Times

  • 20:00 till midnight with a 30 minute break as standard

About this Act

Named as a wee homage to the great Sir Jimmy Shand Snr, the Shimmy Grand Ceilidh Band was formed in 2011 with the intention of bringing the traditional ceilidh into the 21st Century.

Their musical style offers two very different approaches: a very traditional ceilidh sound and in complete contrast, unique arrangements of the traditional melodies complimented with grooves and quotes from contemporary pop music. The perfect fusion. They regularly change between both sounds just for the fun of it. As well as the well-known dances, they also offer more modern ceilidh dances for those that want to try something new.


"The band were fantastic. Really good fun and absolutely perfect for our event. Everyone has raved about it since. Would reccomend them to anyone.

Many thanks"

Glenn Tonner - 27th August 2017

Set List

Couples Dances:

Britannia Two-Step
Canadian Barn Dance
Canadian Barn Dance Progressive
Gay Gordons
Highland Schottische
Miltary Two-Step
Pride of Erin Waltz
St. Bernard's Waltz
Swedish Masquerade
Couples Waltz

Set Dances:

Circassian Circle
Cumberland Reel
Cumberland Square 8
Dashing White Sergeant
Eight-some Reel
Flying Scotsman
Riverside Jig
Strip the Willow
Strip the Willow Orcadian
Witches Reel
Virginia Reel


Auld Lang Syne
French Waltzes
Sing-along Numbers
Scottish Party Games
The Slosh


  • 3 piece consisting of fiddle, accordion and percussion.
  • 2 piece consisting of accordion and percussion.


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