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The Dave Mackay Band



  • 3 piece ceilidh band.
  • Includes caller as standard.
  • Additional musicians can be added.


Based in Glasgow but play regularly throughout Scotland and across the UK.

Standard Set Times

  • Standard performance time is 8 - 12 with a 30 minute break.

About this Act

The Dave Mackay Band are a hard-swinging, energetic meeting of three of the best players on the scene today.

They know the responsibility that is placed in a band and take care to make sure everybody is included: it's no use simply playing the fast dances all night! They take pride in the music that they play and the enjoyment that it brings.

They call every dance: they are very good at this - even foreigners join in!

As Dave Mackay says, 'One of the quiet pleasures I take is listening to the room before we've even played a note and then, at the end of the night, listening again after the last chord has sounded. At the beginning of the night the energy of the room is all over the place; at the end of the night, everybody is on the same wavelength: the difference in the atmosphere is huge. I always think to myself, "We did that".

Set List

All the usual Ceilidh dances - if you want something specific, just let them know!

Gay Gordons
Circassian Circle
Dashing White Sergeant
Military Two-Step
Strip The Willow
Canadian Barn Dance
Virginia Reel
Scottish Waltz
St Bernard's Waltz
Pride of Erin
Flying Scotsman
Siege Of Ennis

And then, of course, there are the reels...

Foursome Reel
Eightsome Reel
Twosome Reel
Duke Of Perth Reel
Hamilton House Reel
Cumberland Reel...


The Dave Mackay Band : main Freak Music profile photo


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