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  • Traditional Ceilidh band
  • Excellent repertoire of ceilidh standards
  • Perform as a three piece as standard and can downsize to a duo
  • All dances called


The band are based in Edinburgh / The Lothians but are available to play throughout Central Scotland and the Borders or even the North East of England.

Standard Set Times

  • 2 or 3 sets of around 50 to 60 minutes

About this Act

Copperceilidh  are a traditional Scottish Ceilidh Band consisting of Accordion, Fiddle and Drums. Band members will interact with your guests, getting to know them and encouraging them onto the dance-floor before teaching and demonstrating all the steps to all the dances to make sure everyone is able to take part and enjoy the dancing. 

They have a great repertoire of classic Ceilidh dances and can provide music in between sets to allow you to catch you breath. 

Set List

Gay Gordons
Dashing White Sergeant
Military Two-Step
Strip The Willow

... and many more


  • 3 piece band consisting of Accordion, Fiddle and Drums as standard
  • 2 piece of Accordion and Drums


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