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The Rose Street Quartet


  • Professional String Quartet, trio, duo or solo performers
  • Classical, rock, pop, jazz and traditional repertoire
  • Can also provide an accompanying singer if required
  • High quality pick-ups - P/A ready


The act are based in Edinburgh but regularly play across Scotland

Standard Set Times

  • The Quartet charge by the hour they are required to be present at the venue.

About this Act

With over a decade of experience in music management for weddings, corporate events and private functions, and drawing from a carefully vetted pool of professional musicians (including members of the Royal Scottish National Orchestra, the Scottish Chamber Orchestra, the Orchestra of the Scottish Ballet and other leading ensembles), the Rose Street quartet can assure their customers of a standard of service unparalleled in Scotland. They are uniquely positioned to provide high calibre ensembles even at short notice.

The Rose street quartet's performances make an invaluable contribution to corporate events, business functions, product launches, fashion shows and more, where music is used to enhance the overall atmosphere. Their unique and extensive repertoire, covering genres from traditional and classical to pop and jazz, ensures that their sets can be tailored to your needs. They can perform acoustically or - by way of our high quality pick-up microphones ready to be plugged into any existing PA system - amplified depending on the size of gathering and the acoustics of the proposed performance area.

With a background in events management themselves, they are also uniquely able to understand their place in the grand scheme of events and will work in advance with organisers to ensure a flawless event. In recognition of their outstanding quality of service, they have recently been shortlisted in the category of Music and Entertainment at the prestigious VOWS (Voted Outstanding Wedding Supplier) Awards 2008.

The Rose Street Quartet have performed for members of the Royal Family, foreign presidents, dignitaries, parliamentary ministers and celebrities at venues including Holyrood Palace, Edinburgh Castle, the Scottish Parliament, Gleneagles Hotel, Scone Palace, Hampden Park and Murrayfield Stadium, to name but a tiny fraction. They also stage a number of concerts each year, and frequently provide arrangements and musicians for studio based session work.

In addition to the traditional string quartet format, they can easily adapt to requirements of repertoire, logistics or taste, by appearing as the Thistle Street Trio. They can also provide duos, solo instrumentalists and singers - please ask if these options might be what you are looking for.

Set List

The Rose Street Quartet can tailor their set-lists to your requirements, or just providing an eclectic mixture. Artists and composers represented in their repertoire include:

Pachelbel, Sigur Ross, Mozart, the Beatles, Porter, Haydn, Gershwin, Madness, Burns, Handel, Procul Harum, Beethoven, the Muppets, Elgar, Coldplay, Puccini, the Beach Boys...


  • This band can be a four-piece (2 violins, viola and cello), a three-piece (violin, viola and cello), or even a duo or solo performers and singers if required.


The Rose Street Quartet : main Freak Music profile photo


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