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The Samba School


  • 15+ Samba Percussion Group
  • Carnival band, great for parades
  • Adds colour, excitement and spectacle to any event big or small
  • Dancers can add extra sparkle


The band are based in Edinburgh but regularly play across Scotland.

Standard Set Times

  • sets are usually around 20 minutes and the band usually play three 20 minute sets with breaks

About this Act

Samba School are a colourful Samba percussion group specialising in authentic rhythms from the flamboyant Carnival culture of Brazil. Samba is the heartbeat of this culture of celebration, street parties, dance and fun.

Loud and lively, energetic and dynamic, the Samba School has become a regular and popular feature of community festivals and special events in Edinburgh and elsewhere in Britain and Europe.

Samba School have performed at many high profile events and venues including the Scottish Cup Final, Edinburgh Festival Cavalcade, Rugby Internationals, Edinburgh Hogmany events, opening of the Scottish Parliament and headlining at the National Day of Percussion.

Samba adds colour, excitement and spectacle to any event, big or small.

Set List

Coming soon...


  • This group usually perform as a 10-15 piece band.


The Samba School : main Freak Music profile photo


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