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R.E.M. Tribute


  • 5 piece REM tribute band
  • Songs from every R.E.M. album 1983 - 2011

Price Range

Prices range from £700 to £1500


R.E.M. UK have been around since 1996. Formed by Rick Southern, the original line-up gigged mainly in the North of England and Scotland. Over the next few years Rick also fronted Midlands based "Monster" playing many gigs throughout the U.K and Europe, honing and perfecting Michael Stipe's very individual stage persona.

In 2002, Rick decided it was time for a new Stipe, and along with Monster keyboard player Chris Kinsella, recruited Tony Williams on bass guitar, Paul Tonge on guitar and Nick Peters on drums.

This line-up debuted on January 1st 2003, and over the next few years built up an enviable reputation as an authentic and entertaining tribute, playing all over the UK with regular visits to Ireland and also Europe. During this time the band's web site became the most popular on search engines Google and MSN, and the vast majority of venues - from small clubs to huge festivals - have made regular return bookings.

The Current Line-up :-

Rick Southern - Vocals

Chris Kinsella - Keyboards / acoustic guitar

Tony Williams - Bass / acoustic guitar / backing vocals

Paul Tonge - Guitar / mandolin / backing vocals

Frank Mahon - Drums


• Performing live for Michael Stipe (who described the band as 'awesome') on BBC's “The One Show”

• Regular trips to Ireland

• Hugely successful festival appearance in Blackburn, Liverpool, Poole & Belgium

• Self-penned CD single "(Need to) Breathe" to be released worldwide in near future.

• Described by Bang! magazine as “an R.E.M. fan's wet dream”

The Fans

R.E.M. fans say really great things about R.E.M. UK. Fan sites like murmurs.com and myrem.com contain many threads about the band. Here are some quotes, taken from pages which can be accessed via the Reviews section of the band website.

"arguably better than the live performance by REM themselves(dare I say that?)"

"My advice to you – If you hear R.E.M. UK are playing a gig near you then drop everything and go and see them."

"R.E.M. UK’s outstanding performance of R.E.M. music is second to none, not to be missed"

The Future

R.E.M. UK have over sixty R.E.M songs in their repertoire. The list is continuing to grow. Just like R.E.M, this enables the band to change their set considerably and keeps everything sounding fresh.

There are many tribute bands that claim to be "the ultimate" or "the U.K’s No.1".

R.E.M. UK take this to another level; off-stage, down-to-earth and approachable - on-stage enthusiasm and energy make compelling viewing, maintaining the essence that is R.E.M.

R.E.M. UK ARE the definitive R.E.M. tribute.

Where are they based?

The band are based in Cheshire and regularly play throughout the UK. The band have also played regular gigs in places like Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands, Malta and Italy.

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5 piece band consisting of guitar, vocals, bass , drums and keyboards

Standard Set Time

  • two 45 minute sets + break + oncore
  • One hour and 40 minute set + oncore
  • two hour sets + break

Booking Options

  • standard 5 piece band

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