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China Shop Bull


  • 7 piece ska/D&B/rock n' rolll band
  • Mostly original material with a handfull of covers
  • High energy shows and lots of dancing
  • Optional DJ sets before/after the band

Price Range

Prices range from £300 to £1500


China Shop Bull play a lively 7 piece mix of ska rave and drum and bass, recently releasing a debut album ‘Rave To The Grave’ though Code 7 Music. They have been on the festival, punk and party scene since 2006, playing with acts as diverse as Dreadzone, The Dub Pistols, The Beat, Sonic Boom Six, Inner Terrestrials, The Skints, Pama International, Goldie Lookin Chain, Eat Static, Voodoo Glowskulls and Subsource.

Building a fast growing following with their infectious sound and lively shows, China Shop Bull have been invited to festivals such as Rebellion,

Boomtown Fair, Waveform, Squarefest, Solfest, Beats Not Bombs, Alchemy, Thimbleberry, Moorfest, Kendal Calling, Limetree and GASHFest to name but a few. Theres no doubt that we will see China Shop Bull feasting on new pastures far and wide.

Where are they based?

China Shop Bull are based in Leeds and they play regular shows around all England, Scotland, Wales and anywhere else.

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7 piece band consisting of:
3 Vocals, guitar, drums, bass, trumpet, trombome, sampler/synth/keyboard

Standard Set Time

  • 1 Hour - 2x45 minute sets

Booking Options

  • 7 piece band
  • 7 piece band with DJ/DJs
  • 7 piece band with support act
  • 7 piece band with support act and DJ/DJs
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