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Barry Steele is Roy Orbison


  • 6 piece Roy Orbison tribute band.
  • Solo performance (with backing tracks) also available.


Based in the West Midlands but plays regularly throughout the UK.

Standard Set Times

  • This is a one hour show.

About this Act

Just imagine it is the 30th September 1987 and Roy Orbison is in the Coconut Grove Nightclub in Los Angeles recording the sensational Black and White Night. Relive this golden evening as Barry Steele effortlessly transports you back to what was arguably one of Roy Orbison's greatest performances.

Barry Steele who portrays Roy Orbison has toured extensively across the UK, Europe and New Zealand, he is currently touring the UK in the hit show "Rockin on Heavens Door" To rave reviews, He has been described by the stage newspaper as 'true identikit brilliance, and reviews from the Sunderland Empire Theatre stated "Barry Steele (Roy Orbison) was next on stage in a wonderful real-life performance. As he belted out hits Only The Lonely and Crying the audience clapped and sang along, at times he sounded more like Orbison than the man himself!"

Jim Strachan from the Aberdeen Journal reviewed Barry after his show at the Aberdeen music hall and wrote that as far as he was concerned Barry was the Star of the show, his review stated "Just when we thought it couldn't get better, Barry Steele appeared in an uncanny reincarnation of Roy Orbison. The likeness was uncanny - almost scary - both in sight and sound as he did a brilliant job of the Big O's best. Only The Lonely and In Dreams were superb"

General lineup: Drums, lead guitar, keyboard, bass, Barry on rhythm guitar

Set List

Only The Lonely
Running Scared
It's Over
You Got It
Penny Arcade
I Drove All Night
Oh Pretty Woman
And many more


  • The band consists of drums, bass, lead guitar, acoustic, and electric, double keys.


Barry Steele is Roy Orbison : main Freak Music profile photo


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