52 Skidoo : photo : 52 Skidoo 1920's Harlem Swing 52 Skidoo : photo : 52 Skidoo and the Bombshells 52 Skidoo : photo : 52 Skidoo and the Bombshells 52 Skidoo : photo : 52 Skidoo 52 Skidoo : photo : 52 Skidoo and the Bombshells 52 Skidoo : photo : For dancing 52 Skidoo : photo : 1920's indie band photo! 52 Skidoo : photo : 1914 heavyweight champion of the world

52 Skidoo


  • 3 piece multi-instrumental 1920/30's band.
  • Prohibition, Speakeasy, Gangster, Vintage events covered.
  • Full 20's costume
  • Optional horn section
  • Optional Burlesque dancers
  • Optional swing/charleston dancers

Price Range

Prices range from £500 to £1600


52 Skidoo are a three piece Harlem swing band that have turned back the clock to play a dazzling set of vintage American music. Classic favourites like 'Ain't Misbehavin', 'The Joint is Jumpin'; and 'Your Feet's Too Big' are carefully woven into well known hits like 'Jeepers Creepers', & 'Darktown Strutters Ball' and 'I Ain't Got Nobody' to create an authentic 1920/30's Harlem party atmosphere.

They bring back to life the forgotten era of prohibition, speakeasys, vaudeville, tin pan alley, rent parties, stride piano, Fats Waller and hot jazz. take a look at the video (the link is up to the right) for an idea of what to expect.

Where are they based?

The Band are based in the North West, specifically Manchester, Ramsbottom and Hebden Bridge. They play all over the UK and can be regularly seen in venues across Lancashire and Yorkshire as well as Manchester and London.

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Vocal, Piano, Guitar, Clarinet, Drums plus optional 1-4 piece brass section and violin

Standard Set Time

  • 2 x 45 mins + breaks

Booking Options

  • piano + drums duo
  • Standard vocal, piano, guitar, clarinet + drums (3 players)
  • vocal, piano, guitar, clarinet, drums + any or all of trumpet, trombone, sax, violin, souzaphone
  • Optional Burlesue dancers
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