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The Bhangra Blasters



  • Energetic group of Indian dancers
  • Can perform alongside Indian musicians if required


Based in Birmingham but play regularly throughout the UK.

Standard Set Times

  • 30 to 45 minutes.

About this Act

The Bhangra Blasters are the world's first Male and Female Dholi dancers formed from the Dhol Blasters team. Bhangra Blasters are a group of young energetic dancers just waiting to burst out and show the world their dance routines which are based on the harvest that takes place every year in the Punjab, India.

These youthful dancers within a short period of time have already done many bookings, most of these being a mixture of festivals, charity shows, weddings, parties, and other occasions, but whatever the occasion, this pulsating group of dancers never cease to amaze. They can play indoors, outdoors in processions, festivals & weddings.

The Bhangra Blasters often perform as a package with the Dhol Blasters band (please refer to the Dhol Blasters band profile)

The Bhangra Blasters have been created and are managed by Dhol King Gurcharan Mall, one of the world's most famous and respected Dhol pioneers of our time.

Set List

Music as performed by the Dhol Blasters Band.


  • Dancing troupe.



The Bhangra Blasters : main Freak Music profile photo


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