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  • 3 piece blues and soul band
  • Very experienced
  • Unusual set not normally covered by other bands


The band are based in and around Dundee but have travelled widely in Scotland playing the highlands and right down to the borders. They have featured a number of times in the summer festivals in Scotland as well as in Edinburgh.

Standard Set Times

  • Dependent on the hours of the event, up to three 45 minute sets.

About this Act

The Souped Up Fords are a three/four piece blues and soul outfit hailing from the Dundee and Perth area of Scotland. They personify the blues sounds of the 70s and have been compared to the likes of Dr. Feelgood and Creedence Clearwater Revival.

Souped Up Fords are a band driven by the twin melodies of guitar and saxophone held within a framework of driving drums and bass. The band has carved up the Scottish blues scene over the last two years recording their first cd 'Impact' in 2008 and following up with 'Another Ladlefull' in 2009. They played the Dundee Blues Bonanza and the Bell Rock Festival and opened this year's Fifestock festival whose headliner was Mick Jones of the Rolling Stones. Their passion for raw driving blues means they play everything blues influenced from classics such as 'The Thrill Has Gone' to 'Bad to Bone' but also experiment with other styles such as soul and country. Guitarist Chris 'guitarrista' Henry says of his own influences 'I've always felt that sould and blues was something that you felt and you have to be bitten by the bug. Influences are diverse but certainly Rory Gallagher, Otis Rush, Buddy Guy and BB King would be in the top ten.

Chris Henry has been performing and playing for at least fifteen years and is a songwriter in the tradition of Rory Gallagher and his other early influence Ry Cooder. Chris plays a 1976 Gibson flying V and is in all ways a performer who feels the moment. He is the main vocalist of the band and has been compared to John Fogerty amongst others.
Neil Paterson is a multi talented musician who has played in all styles of music, more recently folk music but also some jazz. Neil plays guitar, saxophone and has finally settled on his first instrument, bass. Listen to his playing on ‘That will never do’ and it becomes obvious he is a man capable of great grooves.
Dave McCready is the drummer who adds that certain something to the sound and is well known on the Scottish blues circuit as the drummer who played with Baccanal. He is also a great fan of Rory Gallagher and loves the style of the band.

So the newly shaped Soups decided to record their first full album. 'Thieves, Hoors and Comic Singers', has been part recorded recorded in Seagate studios in Dundee and will be released in February 2011. The band will gig material on the CD next year and they have also positioned it on myspace for potential fans. This CD is cover versions of their favourite songs including the electric 991/2 written by Steve Cropper and Zig Zag Wanderer by the ever bizarre and sadly deceased Captain Beefheart.

Set List

Coming soon...


  • This a three piece band


Souped Up Fords : main Freak Music profile photo


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