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The Destroyers



  • 15 piece gypsy orchestra
  • Gypsy, Balkan Party music
  • Imagine Borat meets the Prodigy meets Tom Waits


Based in Birmingham but play regularly across the UK.

Standard Set Times

  • Two 45 minute sets + break.

About this Act

A collection of rogues and misfits surfing a tidal wave of horns, fiddles and guitars! Rapidly exploding from the Balkan Brass genre they emerge as an anarchic orchestra of passion and originality.

So enter the big top and be immersed in the winding world of the hurdy-gurdy, the sonorous land of the tuba and the exotic realm of the duduk. Be ready to be engulfed by a wall of mesmerising virtuosity and a whirlwind of frenzied dancing. You may enter unknowing but you will leave spellbound!

They also perform live with the legendary Bhangra king, Gurcharan Mall and his team of dancers and drummers, 'The Dhol Blasters'. This show, first developed as a one off performance for the reopening of Birmingham town hall, has now grown into a full length spectacular, fusing The Destroyers uniquely eclectic sound with the raw energy and sheer joy of King Mall and his followers. Don't miss this glorious and groundbreaking collaboration. An uplifting and awe inspiring carnival of music and dance!

Set List

Original material.


  • 15 piece orchestra.


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