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Jennifer Kosmowsky



  • 3-7 piece operatic ensemble
  • Operatic arias
  • Musical covers
  • Large or small band
  • Intimate or vast musical sounds
  • Ability to write & perform music as a 'one-offs' for the function.
  • Band creates own contemporary music often working with artist and film-makers.


Leeds & London

Standard Set Times

  • 2-3 sets
  • Each set 30-40 minutes long

About this Act

Jennifer Kosmowsky is a high-dramatic-mezzo-soprano, trained opera singer with a difference. She has sang title roles in operas, including British premieres, for over 6 years. She has collaborated with the world renowned design house Universal Everything; her voice was used in art installations for the Victoria & Albert Museum, a Nokia world-wide advertising campaign & and films premiered at the Southbank, London and subsequently shown around the world.

Jennifer Kosmowsky provides a varied group of musicians that can cater for classical, operatic briefs and also for the more eclectic clients we can bring computer/synth sounds to a function.

As well as covering operatic classics, Jennifer Kosmowsky brings classical and contemporary together; generating intimate and at the same time vast music-scapes.

Set List

Traume -Wagner
Das Rosenbund - Strauss
Habanera - Bizet
Pres des remparts de seville - Bizet
Mon coeur s'ouvre a la voix - Saint-saens
Printemps qui commence - Saint-saens
Va! Laisse couler mes larmes - Massenet
Qui sedes ad dexterum - Vivaldi
Ich trage meine minne - Strauss
For a life of pain I have given my love- Rachmaninoff
Faites-lui mes aveux - Gounod
Connais-tu le pays - Ambroise Thomas
Strida la vampa - Verdi
Ave Maria - Schubert
Olga Aria (Eugene Onegin) - Tchaikovsky

I am easily assimilated - Bernstein
Climb every mountain - Rodgers & Hammerstein
Song of a nightclub proprietress - John Betcherman
Losing my mind - Sondheim
I don't know how to love him - Lloyd Webber
Wishing you were somehow here again - Lloyd Webber

Smoke in your eyes - Jerome Ke
Amazing grace
Story weather - Harold Arlen
Over the rainbow - Harold Arlen
Gimme Shelter - Rolling Stones
Limit to your love - James Blake
Song Bird - Fleetwood Mac
Autumn Leaves - Johnny Mercer
Cheek to cheek - Irving Berlin
Time is a healer - Eva Cassidy
True color - Cyndi Lauper
You've changed - Bill Carey & Carl Fischer
Wade in the water - John Wesley work II


  • Depending on the brief; Jennifer would be on vocals with a pianist, computer-synth musician, (cellist & violin player when required), drummer and guitarist.


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