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  • Unique 8 piece Scottish & Brazilian band
  • Distinct Bagpipes and Brazilian Samba percussion
  • Professional and highly experience musicians/performers
  • Wide repertoire of music (originals and traditional tunes)
  • Own costumes - Kilts also available
  • Dancers option available
  • Multilingual (Spanish, Portuguese)
  • Acoustically loud - many events do not need PA
  • Mobile - willing to travel anywhere
  • Workshops - can also provide samba workshops
  • Albums available on Greentrax label
  • MacUmba music is played all over the world by other bands


The band is based in Glasgow and Edinburgh, but regularly perform all over the world.

MacUmba is very portable and willing to travel anywhere.

Standard Set Times

  • Performance time is entirely variable to suit the client or event. Maximum set lengths around 40 min, average 2 x 40 mins sets is typical.

About this Act

MacUmba is a professional group of musicians based in Scotland who mix the traditional sounds of Scottish bagpipes with the infectious rhythms of Brazilian Samba percussion.

MacUmba have played at many events and festivals all over the world and continue to develop their unique sound, entertaining audiences where ever they go.

The normal instrumentation of the band is three pipers and five percussionists, although they may also be augmented by the addition of Scottish and/or Brazilian dancers.

Big events and festivals MacUmba has played at include...

- The World Cup in France where they supported the maracatu 'nation' Nacao Pernambuco at the Village du Brezil, Saint Denis, Paris.

- The 20th Fiesta de la Rumba in Havana, Cuba, where (although MacUmba are not a rumba group) they were privileged to appear with many famous rumba groups.

- The international Mundo Celta festival in Ortigueira, Galicia, where they appeared with many other bands from Celtic nations.

- Highland festivals in Luxembourg, Switzerland, France and Italy

- Tours of Japan & USA

Radio and television appearances include...

- Radio Progreso in Havana, Cuba

- Univision in Miami, Florida

- Music Live, BBC Glasgow and UK.

MacUmba has worked closely with the British Council and Scottish Trade International on several occasions, performing in their own distinct costume, which adds a very visual aspect to MacUmba's live performances.

Set List

Moonshine - MacUmba
Asa Branca - MacUmba
Glenmalambo - MacUmba
6/8 - MacUmba
Cullen bay - MacUmba
Sandys - MacUmba
Gordons - MacUmba
Heaven Sent - MacUmba
Carapatto - MacUmba
Voudoun - MacUmba


  • 8 piece band consisting of three pipers and five percussionists, although they may also be augmented by the addition of Scottish and/or Brazilian dancers.


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