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  • Flute and piano cabaret act
  • Repertoire consists of large selection of film and TV themes plus more standard material
  • Perform mainly as a duo and can expand to six piece if required


Tranquillo are based in Cardiff and Gloucestershire and regularly play across South Wales and the South West

Standard Set Times

  • One 60 minute set
  • Two 30 minute sets with 15 minute break

About this Act

South West based classical act Tranquillo are a flute and piano duo who captivate and inspire audiences with their passionate and vivid performances. Highly trained classical musicians Sarah Waycott (flute) and Hannah Mitchell (piano) have embraced the world of 'crossover' music with their high energy performances that will leave you shouting for more!

They have re-created and adapted popular music from Bond to Bublé in a way that will leave you wondering why you ever thought the flute was 'just an orchestral instrument'. Performing with high quality backing tracks, their music will appeal to all audiences and their on stage presence will enhance any event.


Set List

James Bond Medley
Love Story Theme
Gabriel's Oboe
Chariots of Fire Theme
Feeling Good - Michael Buble
ABBA Medley - ABBA
Last Night at the Proms Medley
Cry Me a River - Michael Buble
Hungarian Dance
Annie's Song - James Galway
Pirates of the Caribbean Theme - He's a Pirate


  • Duo consisting of flute and piano, performing to backing tracks


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